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We certainly accomplished a LOT with the "Stash Buster and UFO Basher" last year, so I will be organizing a similar activity this year!  However this year, we will be focusing entirely on shrinking our stash.  An additional change this year is that we will be doing it on a MONTHLY basis.  There will be a small prize for each monthly winner.  But...there will also be a GRAND prize for the gal who is the overall monthly winner at the end of the year!  So this year, it will be little steps (monthly) to master a huge accomplishment:  BUST THE STASH!!!!

In 2012 we will be focusing on trimming down our stash.  You know how many resolutions involve weight loss and slimming down?!  Well, instead of working on our body...we are going to work on our stash!!! lol   To be a member of this group you are encouraged to USE THE FABRIC IN YOUR STASH that was purchased prior to January 1, 2012.  You may start new projects or finish old projects- but choose the fabrics from your stash. (Anything purchased during this 2012 year canNOT be counted as part of your stash!)  You will need to keep track of how much fabric you use out of your stash each month.  The easiest way to do this is measure your fabric piece before you use it in a project and then measure your fabric piece after you are done using it.  That will help you determine how much fabric you have used! Even easier-if you use only fabric from your stash for your quilt, the pattern you are using will tell your yardage. Who wants to join me on this quest to shrink our waistlines...er, I mean stashes???

I know several of you who have that competitive edge and will be enticed by this challenge! Sometimes a task (e.g. shrinking your stash) can be better accomplished with a 'support group' cheering you on!  "YOU CAN DO IT!"- yelled while shaking my pom-poms (how's that for support?)!!!

So, let's take it one month at a time!  Tell us about the project you are working on that is helping you deplete your stash.  You are encouraged to post pictures of your projects!  And remember to post the yardage you use from your stash each time you complete a project!!!  (YES, a quilt top will count as a completed project- even though it is not quilted!  Oh- and don't forget to count the yardage you used to prepare a backing for the quilt top!)  Remember:  you cannot count any newly purchased fabrics for your project....ONLY what you use from your stash.

If you need to buy some fabric to complete a project...we promise we will not bully or intimidate you!  Our goal is to see how long we can go without purchasing fabric and to see how much fabric we can use up from our own stash! 



STASH yardage used during the 2012 year was an amazing 1,179.67 TOTAL YARDS:

Andrea- 11.02 total yards

Betty-  196.15 total yards 

Deb S.- 42.6 total yards

Diane-  333.86 total yards

Froggie (Linda)- 4.5 total yards 

Jan- 177.75 total yards

Lynne- 89.2 total yards 

Marcia- 111.75 total yards 

Pat A.- 117.99 total yards 

Peg- 64.75 total yards

Shirley- 13.5 total yards 

JAN. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (33.6 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 178.7 yds

FEB. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (38.5 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 88.94 yds

MAR. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (70.46 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 135.21 yds

APRIL Stash Busting Queen- Diane (29 yds)/ TOTAL yardage for group: 73.72 yds

MAY Stash Busting Queen- Lynne (39 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 86.65 yds

JUNE Stash Busting Queens-Jan & Peg(34.25 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 99.68 yds

JULY Stash Busting Queen- Diane (54.54 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 166.69 yds

AUGUST Stash Busting Queen- Diane (25.63 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 53.63 yds

SEPT. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (36.04 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 84.17yds

OCT. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (36.38 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 91.18 yds

NOV. Stash Busting Queen- Betty (35.92 yds)/  TOTAL yardage for group: 59.47 yds

DEC. Stash Busting Queen- Diane (22 yds)/TOTAL yardage for group: 61.63 yds

Formula to help you figure yardage of your project:  multiply number of inches for width  times the number of inches for length and then divide it by 1,296 inches (which is a square yard: 36" x 36").  

WIDTH x LENGTH divided by 1,296 = your total yardage!

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Awesome job Betty!!  Look at all those perfect points :)

What an awesome job on that star, Betty!  You are really becoming quite a talented quilter!  Well done, my friend!  It looks MARVELOUS!

Thanks for the comment Peg, I have always wanted to make one of them stars so I decided that this year would be the year I try it. After a while you really get good at doing those middles of the stars. Its not such a bad design to do actually.

Yep, Betty- your yardage was correct for the star quilt!  :)  I just added in your 2/3 yard for the binding (.66 yd) to get the total for the star quilt so far...until you find some backing in your stash for it!  You're becoming quite the mathematician on this challenge!!  

I also posted the yardage you used for your B'day Block quilt's backing as well as the binding for that quilt that you told me about in the message you sent me!


What the heck??!!  What happened to my reply to Betty???????????????????????????????????  Hmmm.....


My post was about Betty's measurements for her star quilt and its binding; along with the measurement for her birthday block quilt backing and its binding.  Her total yardage is posted in the January yardage.

I gotta tell ya, that Betty...she's getting great at calculating her yardage!  She was dead-on correct!  :) 

ok it's finished ! This is a kit I've had since 2002-about time to get it sewn up right? I'm sure many of you had seen it or even have it yourselves. I made it king-size so did the outer borders a little wider than called for-I used 13 yds of fabric-that includes what was provided for binding. I have 9 yds of matching fabric for the back but since it's not being quilted right now I'm not going to include that in the count since technically it's not being used right now. 

Diane-If you have the backing sewn according to the size you need for this quilt top...then you can count it- even if it has not been quilted.  Here's my thinking:  you now have to take that fabric OUT of your stash since you now have a designated purpose for it!  Just get your backing made to the correct size you need, fold it up and tuck it along side your quilt top.  All this fabric has been removed from your stash and can no longer be used for any other projects!  So, please figure out the backing and include it with this quilt...along with your binding!  Cut out your binding strips, sew them together diagonally, iron them in half...and you'll have your binding ALL ready when the quilting is done!  :)

Wow- your KING sized quilt is honking-huge!!!  Your border fabric really compliments the colors in your blocks!  I am sooooooo amazed at how many UFOs you are completing, Diane!  Where did you hid them all???  The trunk of the car, inside your oven, inside your suitcases stored in the attic, underneath your bed in a plastic tub??????????? ;^)  You keep this up and you will be victorious over every single UFO you own!!!   lol    

Ok marcia I'll do as you say-it is 9 yd for the backing-I want to keep a tally for my own information and fun but since I"won"last yearscontest it's not fair for me to compete again this year-so this is just for fun not the competition

Oh and I found another kit-an oldie but a goodie, one of Pam Bono's designs-from around 2000.Got started on that this afternoon.

Beautiful quilt, Diane!  love the colors1

Way to go Diane -  lovely quilt.         Marcia,this past year  I've started doing just what you suggested with backings and bindings.  I get them ready as soon as I finish a top.  I hang the backing and quilt top on a hangar and put the binding in a zip lock bag and attach it to the hangar also.  Then it can move from my sewing room to the closet in my quilting room - lol  I need to get more of them moved from the closet to my LA now!

Diane your quilt is lovely,  very nice work. Did a good job.    WOW    you ladies are hard to keep up with this month.   I found some other things in my stash I need to do so I will be stash busting for quite some time.  I also do up my binding before hand. I HATE  getting the binding ready when I am ready to do the quilt.  Just hate it. So I do it ahead of time.  That really works out great for me.  

you ladies are putting together some awsome quilts.  I hope you bring some of your quilts to show and tell this year at the show.   YES we are having show and tell and I just may move the items up to 4 or 5 a piece including our birthday quilts from last year.


What about you ladies who won the Christmas blocks how you both coming along with that quilt.  You got to have it done by October..............................  Come on you can do it.   Get in that stash and finish them up.

Betty, I am one of the winners of the Christmas blocks and I have been looking at them, trying to determine what layout I want to do.  I promise I'll get at it one of these days, surely before October!!!

This is a 50 x 56 quilt I completed this week.  It is all from my stash.  I think 4.5 yards will be about right, counting the binding.  (Marcia double check my figures!!)


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