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If anyone is interested in doing a Mystery Quilt, we'll start on November 26th...after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Saturday.

Let me know; the clues and pictures (thanks, Jackie!) will be posted on this discussion board.

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Sure, why not?  Can't guarantee I'll keep up but it will get done eventually!  How often will you have clues and for how long?

The quilts are quick and easy but people are busy with other projects...even those things that aren't quilts LOL!!

So, I was thinking of one clue every two weeks; that's a slow pace but will give people plenty of time to get each step done.  Some of the steps are very short; some not so much.  The cutting takes more time than the sewing so the first clues will be cutting steps and might have more content than the later clues.

Count me in, of course!

Sure, I'll give it a shot.  Might or might not keep up but another UFO is just what I need!

I am interested Sandy. What size will the finished quilt be?

Glad to have you on board, Ginny.  The quilt will be 64" x 72".

What Lynne said.  LOL   I don't usually do mystery quilts, but I will give it a shot.

Thanks, Deb...I think you'll like this one.  With Jackie covering my back, we'll get it done!  The last time I used this book (the title will remain a mystery; don't want anyone looking it up LOL!) there was a mistake in the pattern that she caught as she was making the sample.  I like the looks of this one...clean lines, no scraps...very much me although my lines are not as clean as they were when I was young and slim ;<) 


Deb, did your sister ever get on the IQ list?  She might like to do the mystery quilt; you could help her with the clues.

Oh, Sandy that is such a good question. I wish I could answer it for you, but alas I am not able to.

This is a tough time of the year for her, and there are periods of time when she rather checks out for a while.  We are going through it right now.  I even texted her that I had a line on a sewing machine for her to use when she visits and I got nothing.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing "radio silence". When these things happen, we just have to let them run their course (which can be an extended time) and pick up where we left off.  You're a patient woman/sister, Deb.


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