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If anyone is interested in doing a Mystery Quilt, we'll start on November 26th...after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Saturday.

Let me know; the clues and pictures (thanks, Jackie!) will be posted on this discussion board.

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Looks great, Lynne!!  And who will know the brown wasn't part of the plan!!

Your quilt looks great!  The brown worked well!  Love the new name: Just Enough!!!  :)

Jackie and Jan - Both of your quilts look great.  I love seeing how the same pattern works in many different fabrics.

Oh, it's so much fun seeing everyone's choices of fabrics!  It was a fun & easy pattern, so I plan to make it again!  Thanks, Sandy, for sharing this pattern!  And special thanks to Jackie for doing the tutorial for us!  :)

Glad everyone enjoyed the mystery quilt pattern.  I'll leave the book down here in Texas and we can do another one next winter!

Wow it's hard to get a picture of this top; it turned out bigger than I imagined.  Part of the reason you'll notice is that I added an extra "Y" row at the top.  Two reasons, I like that it's a little longer this way -- no cold toes!  And secondly, and actually what gave me the idea, is that I would rather the blue of my inner border not touch that same fabric in the quilt --I might be just a tad OCD (OK a lot) but that's a whole other issue.  Anyway, here it is!  Thanks Sandy and Jackie.  This was so much fun; count me in if we do another one down the road.

It's great, Carol!  I like the bigger size too.  I also like to have fabrics separated in some patterns, otherwise it looks like the two touching pieces are part of the same larger piece (if that makes any sense)  My OCD pops to the surface a lot LOL!

I like that extra row in there, it does seem to finish it off.  Pretty colors too!

I love how different each colorway looks!!  This was a fun project, and I will probably do it again!!!  It makes a nice size and isn't difficult to construct.  I guess the next one won't take as long as I don't have to wait for the next clue!!!

I love brown and blue fabrics together, Carol----so, of course, I love your fabric selections for your quilt!  And the additional length worked out well...especially for anyone with OCD concerns!  *wink, wink*

So my OCD was bothered by the open links on one side so I added an extra row on the side - lol. I used two different colors for the sashings so the colors didn’t touch each other.  I love how we can all adjust a pattern so it works for each of us.

Peg, I felt the same!  I like what you did!


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