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If anyone is interested in doing a Mystery Quilt, we'll start on November 26th...after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Cyber Saturday.

Let me know; the clues and pictures (thanks, Jackie!) will be posted on this discussion board.

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Me too, Peg.  It's the perfect solution!  Love it (and your colors)

Me too Peg, i just had to add another row,  now i feel better that i have company!!

no picture yet though, i have to sew it and have too many things going on.

Had to share that I sent my quilt to a member of my husband's extended family whose husband is battling lung cancer.  She said he is sleeping under it tonight.  She has renamed it "Family Links" because she feels like even though we are several states apart, the quilt is a sign that we are linked together by family and caring.  So thanks, ladies.  Your efforts to put this mystery quilt together for all of us have resulted in support and comfort for a gentleman facing a tough fight.  Makes me feel good!

Love this!

It was all meant to fall into place for the quilt to go to him!  Wonderful story, Carol!

Carol, that is such a wonderful way to show your support and comfort to a family that needs it.  Quilters are such a giving and loving group!!!

Your story warms the heart, Carol.  We all know that quilters are a special sub-set of women but when we hear a real story such as yours it reminds me of that fact.  We ARE linked, through our love of quilting, our love of one another and our love of family and pets.  It would be hard to explain to some others who have never experienced the connection.  

If Jackie is willing to be my back-up, we'll do another quilt next winter when things are cold and damp and we need our sewing rooms to keep us centered.  I left the book at OPC so I wouldn't forget to bring it back down in November; it's waiting for us!

Sounds good, count me in!


Someone, we won't name names, but someone is on clue 5 and realized that she doesn't know which is fabric A or B.

It was labeled last week.  The quilt may be a true mystery.  LOL

You know we'll all love it when it's done and you post a pic!

Finished binding my mystery quilt yesterday.  I think I like it.....LOL, now you know with mystery quilts there is always the chance that you won't.

I will admit though I made some pattern alterations....because there were some things that I didn't like about it as written.

I will bring it along to retreat for show n tell.


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