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This year's Birthday Swap is going to be a little less structured and a lot more creative!

After seeing the amazing NINE PATCH Challenge by the DM quilt guild members at last fall's AQS show- Diane, Lynne, and I were inspired to use this challenge as our Birthday Swap!  Each participant will be expected to make FIVE small Nine Patch blocks for each birthday person.  You will use nine 1 1/2" squares (five dark/ four light) to construct the block.  The completed block will measure 3 1/2" square.  The light fabrics may be white or cream.  The dark fabrics are of YOUR choosing!  Basically, any dark fabric goes!  Think scrappy!

To keep this swap simple we are not allowing any participants to request a particular color way.  Our philosophy is:  "You get what you get!"   :)

***HINT*** To make the construction of your blocks go more quickly, sew three 1 1/2" strips (WOF) together.  Two strip sets are DARK/LIGHT/DARK and one strip set is LIGHT/DARK/LIGHT. Next cut these sewn strip sets in 1 1/2" rows.  Then sew three rows together to complete your Nine Patch block.  Sewing strips together in this manner will make the construction of your Nine Patch blocks go quickly!  In fact, this technique will enable you to make numerous blocks in just one sitting!  Easy-Peasy!  :)

(NOTE:  Do NOT sew your five NINE PATCH blocks into one block as displayed in this tutorial!  Instead you are to send five individual Nine Patch blocks.)

So who's in??!!  If you are interested in participating, please post below...and include your birthday!  It will be fun seeing the variety of settings the participants choose when laying out their Nine Patch blocks!


February 9 - Marcia (Real birthday is January 9th- but pretending it's February 9th!)

March 19- Marybeth 

April 17- Darce

April 25- Rhonda

June 21- Deb S

August 8- Jan

August 24- Carol V

September 19- Janice

September 21- JoAnn M

September 29- Sandy O

October 10- Diane

October 23- Jackie O

November 7- Nancy H

December 1- Tessa

December 11- Lynne

December 16- Joyce

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Replies to This Discussion

Nancy, good, sorry ladies that I got behind. Now I just have the December gals to do.

no problem! It was fun getting a bday card on my hubby's birthday!

No worries....just makes the celebration last a little longer!

Well....DANG!  I had your Nine Patches sewn and birthday card addressed since February... and I forgot to get it in the mail in a timely fashion.  :(   Sorry, Nancy.  Will get your card in the mail on Monday.  Hope it was a great birthday! 

December birthday girls -  your blocks went out a couple days ago.  Tressa, sorry if yours is a little late.  My intentions were good.  I wish all of you a wonderful birthday!

Tressa- did you get your card & blocks from me?  I can't remember if I mailed it, but since I cannot find it here at my house.....I am hoping I mailed your card!!!  I hate when I can't remember stuff!  LOL   Please let me know if you got your card from me, Tressa!  Thanks!

Tressa and Joyce your envelopes are in the mail. I finally got to town!

So what are we going to do next year?!?

I have received my B-day blocks from-Joyce, Nancy, Jackie, Sandy, Janice, Jan, Deb, Rhonda, Marybeth, and Marcia. Carol I got your card today. I will take a picture when the all arrive. And no worries, I have yet to do my first B-day block quilt. And along that line what are the ideas for next year!!!!!!! Can never have enough PIGS.

Great question, Lynne!  What do we want to do for next year's Birthday Swap????

Let's start brain storming!  All suggestions are accepted!  We can toss ideas around and come up with a final decision before the new year starts!

Received bday cards from Lynne and Carol. Thank you so much to a wonderful group of ladies. Have found a few designs for quilts I like using these blocks now to find the time. 

Diane I also received your card and blocks. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday cards and blocks.  They will be one of my projects for the new year.  Who was the card with the chicken on it from there was no name?  It was someone who gave it to me at retreat since it wasn't addressed.


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