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Has anyone purchased this fairly new piece of equipment which attaches to your quilting machine and frame and automatically quilts preloaded designs on any size of block? There is also software available to scan and load your own designs or individual packages with additional designs. The price is $4000 + in Canada and I'm wondering if it is worth the investment. Apparently it works with my machine, Husqvarna Mega Quilter and Next Generation frame, but there is some question as to whether I will need to upgrade my current cruise control. Any users out there?

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Yes, I have purchased the QBOT...I am loving it! I am using the Babylock Quilters Choice Pro machine as I already had one and the QBOT was compatible with it. I have the Inspira Imperial frame (just purchased also). I did purchase the software but haven't had much time to play with it yet. I have done some samples and they seemed to work out really neat. I took a clip art drawing of a teddy bear and downloaded it to the software and it came up with a quilt design!

I am getting ready to do my first quilts for hire (baby quilts) and I am little nervous. I am trying to figure what kind of design to put on them.

I am not sure whether you will need to upgrade your cruise control...I did not originally have one for my machine so I had to get one anyway.

I would love to see designs if anyone else has developed their own or has experience with the software. Once the QBOT and frame are set up and attached (pretty involved), it is very easy to use.
I'm really glad to hear that you're happy with the Q-Bot. I had seen a store demo and it looked fairly simple to use with nice stitching, but the proof is always from someone who has taken the item home, set it up and then attempted to duplicate the results. I too would like to be able to do quilting for others, and this item costs less than replacing what I already have with a longarm machine.

As for designs, check out the software packages made specifically for the Q-Bot if you haven't already done so. The last time I checked, there were four of these available and in Canada they were selling for $35. each.

Good luck with your first quilts. I would also be interested in knowing how you like your Babylock machine.


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