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I would love to see a line - any colors - that have less (or no) directional designs. I love the Mama's Cottons 2, but half of the fabrics are directional, which make it hard to cut without being fussy. I've bought several of your fabric lines and love your fabrics. They are great - I can use the front as well as the back for quilting!
Let me understand about your fabrics. Do you carry different lines of fabric or are they all CT fabrics? If so, who designs them? Who would one talk to about buying them wholesale? Or do you not offer this service?

BTW - I know about a great quilters trip to Bali - - ! Send me an email if you would like some more info.
Hi textd,
We do carry one small collection of hand dyed fabrics that are not our own. Otherwise, all of the collections are exclusively CT's. We design them here with our own inhouse designers and we control all the printing and own all the inventory. I'm sorry, we don't offer any of our fabrics wholesale. We only sell directly to quilters through our catalog and website. Teri and I both would love a trip to Bali (grin). Yes, please send me more info. You can either click this CT Admin profile to send me a message or on my own (from the home page)

Vice Pres, Connecting Threads
Batiks and Panels!!!! We need some batiks and panels to work with....pretty please...with sugar sprinkles on top.
Teri and I keep volunteering to take a trip to Bali to work on those Batiks, but no one is offering up the travel expense for that trip! :(
I would like to see some more dots, small pin dots, and some a little larger up to mediums. Of course I would also like to see some more saturated colors.

A I also agree on the need for blenders, especially that can be used as a neutral back grounds.
I have been having such a good time with panels lately. The problem is finding some that aren't for children, hunters or Christmas related. The fun thing with panels is the ability to either use them as they are or fussy cut them into any design I desire and make things as big or as small as I desire. Please find some nice "all-purpose" panels to share - garden scenes, various flowers, farm scenes, landscapes, waterscapes, artist-inspired scenes (Monet, etc.). And then, some coordinating fabric would be nice. :0) Even if nothing ever comes of this...thank you so much for even bothering to ask.
I was wondering if you could develop some more shirting type fabrics that would work well with scraps and reproduction prints. I have a hard time finding these fabrics when looking in quilt shops. I know you have a couple of them in light yellow and light blue but always looking for more. Thanks for all you do at CT! I am a loyal customer!
Yes, shirtings would be fantastic!
You are doing great--nice hand, fast, good designs, colors are great!!
I'm into reproduction fabrics--and batiks, they're really HOT around here!
The printed batiks give a great effect and reasonable prices.
I've purchased lots of your fabric--eagerly await new issues/patterns/kits. I have liked them all!! Maybe you can tell, I'm quite fabric-addicted!! And yes, shirtings are badly needed and sorely missed from other lines.
Just got my first thread and fabric order - I just ordered a little of this and that so I could tell.... and yes! It is fantastic - I love the threads - strong yet don't lint up in the needle - and has a nice sheen. The fabrics are also quite nice - haven't had a chance yet to use them, but they passed the "touch" test. You know how we quilters love to feel fabric!

I have never used batiks and people seem to want them - but I like the selection of fabrics you have now. I am a vintage and cottage person for the most part - but I also love flannel - however I see that you only have baby flannel - I don't have any babies to sew for and don't think I will, so I guess if anything would change - I would love to see a flannel line come out - something with plaids, muted prints - Maywood does a good job with quality flannel but I bet you guys could beat them hands down! I'll patiently wait for it... lol
I have been pondering a comment made to me by a quilter about fabric...and can't seem to get it out of my head. I buy my fabric at your usual chain stores & sometimes at quilt shops. I definitely pay more per yard at the quilt specialty shops than I do at the retail chain stores. Sometimes I need just what the quilt shop has available. BUT...I have found some of the SAME fabric at a Wal-MArt store that I see at a local quilt shop. for a heck of a lot less money. The quilt shop prices are about double what I pay at Wal-Mart.

My quilt friend tells me that the difference in price in the same style material between Wal-Mart & quilt shops is because Wal-Mart sells an inferior style of fabric compared to the quilt stores. I find this hard to believe. But what do I know? why would one fabric be produced in a supposedly superior way & another store get the exact same print supposedly made in an inferior way? If this is true..I will be astonished. so the fabric mill makes one product with a print one day on quality fabric & then switches to an inferior fabric for another run of the same print? I don;t know...Anything can be possible...and I hope to avoid any "politics" about retail oulets that sell fabric. I do know Wal-Mart is a touchy subject for some.


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