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I've enjoyed many of the collections so far. Something about seeing the entire collection together enables me to appreciate how it works as a whole. My local quilt store usually splits the fabrics up by main color, consequently one considers the fabrics as individuals.

My favorite collection, before receiving the latest catalog, was the Sun-kissed Prairie collection. I also liked the Jacobean garden, Audrey's Kitchen, and the two "Emily's" collections. But the Impressions of Kyoto collection looks stunning, and I suspect it will move to the top of my list once I free up some time to work with it!!

CT fabric is beautiful and I have enjoyed using it a great deal over the past two years.
I have a real problem, every new collection is my favorite. Never can decide. I recommend always getting a sampler of each. They make such wonderful little gifts for friends and fabric swaps. It is amazing how many quilters never heard of this fantastic company.
I like all of the fabric too. It is hard to pick a favorite. I tell all my friends on the HGTV boards to buy from Connecting Threads. They will never be sorry because the price and the quality cannot be beat.
Sherri, did you know you can return fabric to CT? We take anything back within 30 days. But of course if you think you can use it, it's nice to get a better price than you expected on backing.
I have been buying the fabric here for a few years now and have never been unhappy i love the feel of it and all the kits i have you don't want to know how many i have bought an dhav egivven as gifts lol. i have a FEW lol. i have used many of the fabrics for the pillow cases chalange and there great. you name it table runners and baby quilts and even one for a friend that has had breast surgey, i will buy from them as long as i am able love the fabric.
I was in another quilters' blogsite recently where someone asked if CT fabric is better than fabrics purchased at JoAnn's. Some of the answers claim that it was no different. However, someone mentioned that although CT fabrics are advertised as made of 100% US grown cotton, the manufacturing of the fabric is still done offshore - if this is the case, it defeats the purpose of buying something that is authentic US grown product and US manufactured fabric, doesn't it?

So my question is - are the fabrics manufactured here in the US and then sent overseas for the design printing, or is everything done overseas with just the cotton grown here in the US.

I love CT fabrics - they don't shrink a lot when pre-washed and the colors stay.

I've been loving Sweet & Sour.  Too bad it's disappearing!

I also love each new collection, but I think my favorite is the Canterbury by Country Essentials.  I love the soft tones.  I'm disappointed that you don't restock.  I miscalculated on one of the fabrics when I ordered and was short about 1/2 yard to complete a project (Weybridge Antique from the Canterbury by Country Essentials series). 

This is my first discussion on the CT site and I have only been using their thread.  I recently fell head over heels in love with the Hampton Hues collection.  I have made a handbag in the Hampton style and used the Hampton fabrics so I call it Hampton Squared.  I have received so many compliments on the fabrics that I have ordered more so I can make the bags as gifts.


I always find something I like!

I know currently looking at the Royal Tea collection.  It is so gorgeous.


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