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I'm new here and was thinking this exact thing - would be nice to tell what I've already seen so that next time I only have to look at the new posts. I understand that there are limitations to what can be done, but I hope this issue will be kept in mind when there are updates to the programming. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the site so far.
Anyone use a serger much? I have one poor fellow sitting with a great need of maintance work due. Changed the needle about a year ago, and it hasnt been able to sew since. Of course, it still needs to see a doctor, but would like it to work. Primary use is to make pillow cases a quick work.
I did put togther a King size 5 " patch quilt years ago---still unquilted..sigh....& the serger made fast work of it.~!
SO try it ~!

Patsy in Ohio
Hi re' serger, ever thought about cleaning the junk out around the knife, and oiling it.

if that doesn't work to it to sewing machine shop
I would also like to see the new replies to a discussion at the top instead of added to the bottom. That way you don't have to scroll thru all the old messages to read the newest one.
What about a category where we could list quilting items that we are either looking for (want to buy) or looking to get rid of (want to sell-give away-barter) etc? I'm really not envisioning it being about promoting individual businesses or selling anything to make money, more like a FREE flea market or a "sharing" category where quilters could help each other out.

Some examples:
**I love to pick up quilting magazines. I find that they are starting to stack up and I hate the idea of just throwing them away or recycling them traditionally. I'd LOVE to be able to take out the patterns and photos that I want and then ship them off media mail to another quilter who could then make use of them etc.

**Or as I suggested in the crazy quilt forum, I am starting to get crowded out by my "scraps" collection-little pieces that I probably will never use but cannot bring myself to throw away either. They would be perfect for a crazy quilter and I'd be perfectly willing to ship them to someone else at my own expense (how much could they possibly weigh ya know?) just so they get USED instead of wasted. If quilters were using specific colors or patterns, they could list what they are looking for and people could stick their matching scraps in an envelope every so often and mail them off.

I guess my point is to share resources when possible and help out fellow quilters rather than just taking items to a charity drop off or throwing them away. If posters could contact each other through their profiles or without having to post personal identity information online, that would be great.

Just a suggestion
Great idea!
I love this idea! I posted a "want" on craigslist in my area and was rewarded with enough replies to get the pattern I was looking for. It was a five part pattern in a magazine. Of course, I had part 5!

This would be a great way to send along that UFO that you just can't bear to look at any more. I know that I have left one on a table in a senior center. When I went back that afternoon it was gone! Hopefully someone saw it and wanted a new project. I know I hated the darn thing and was glad to see it gone.

I got enough pieces to make 2/3rds of a quilt top from someone who just wanted to be rid of them. They were small rectangles of 30's fabrics. I purchased black to go with them and now have many (100's of them) to piece into a quilt top. The pieces were left over from a project she did and she knew she didn't want to make anything out of them. She offered them as part of her note on a quilt she had hanging in a quilt show. I contacted her and now they are mine -- ALL MINE LOL.

When I first started quilting, I participated in a couple of exchanges where we sent each other 10 (or however may of each size we decided on - 5" or 6" usually) squares. If you were collecting something specific it was nice. I know that is how I got a good selection of black/white for a quilt I made several years ago. Since I changed internet from AOL to Comcast, I haven't been able to find a site to do this anymore. It would be nice to participate in swaps again. I have never swapped squares, just fabric.
I think this scrap idea is great. New quilters have a shortage of stash, poor things. This would be a way to "get them started".
That's a great idea. I think setting up a group might make it easier to track than a discussion. Feel free to start either one. Members can use their community Inbox to send the private information instead of posting it for everyone to see.
I think the sharing idea is a great one. I have magazines and fabrics in my stash that I would love to trade if someone is interested. You know how you buy the "Surprise Bags" at your local quilt shop and end up being really surprised by how much is in the bag that really isn't your taste and won't use but you know someone else will. Or you buy a fat quarter bundle beacuse it has that one fabric in it that you have been looking for but can't find anywhere else, but you can't think of anything else to use the rest of the fabric for, so what do you do, but put it in your stash. Thanks for this suggestion.
I really like this idea. REcycle and re-use. One quilter's scraps are another's gems


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