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When we hand quilt at my church, we always use the same color thread as the backing. We tried using a contrasting color one time, but the bigger stitches showed up so much among the smaller ones, that we vowed never to do that again.  When I hand quilt the entire quilt myself, I use whatever color thread I want. Just remember that when using a contrasting color thread, the stitches show up more.


Hi I was wondering how come I cannot view my picutres on my page,,everyone else can see them....but me!!!

I have checked my page settings and haven't changed anything new...,,so I am puzzled on what is going on? Thanks for you help..Joanna

I haven't posted here before or it's been a while.   If this isn't the place for this, or if there is already an answer to this somewhere, please let me know on here.

I'm finishing up a table runner quilt kit I bought from CT.  I'm at the binding part.  Two of corners are 45 degrees, but the other four are at least 60 degree turns.  Can I miter those corners?  Or is there another way to do those corners?

Yes, you miter them the same way as 45 degree corners...just ignore the degree & turn up the binding as you normally do & turn it back down the same way...then continue sewing until you reach the next corner.    You will love the result.  It makes no difference what the degree is.



I'm looking for two patterns. One is quilt pattern called "Santa Baby" out of Buggy Barn book Positively Crazy.  I already have 6 of their books but don't have this one.  Other pattern is set of 4 pamphlets from Blackbird Designs called Christmas Memories which is out of print now and can't find anywhere.  Anyone willing to share if you have them?  thanks for checking!  Sylvia



Go to Buggy Barn web site & order their Positvely Crazy book for "Santa Baby".  They have a very active newly enlarged shop and mailing service.

can anyone give me a good pattern and instructions for a quillow, I have made one, but it seems a mess - I did a top and put fleece instead of batting and backing - any comments would be apprec iated

I would like to know can anyone give me a pattern and instructions for a Quillow, I have made one, but its a mess.  I put the top and fleece on the bottom, instead of backing and batting - any comments and help would be appreciated,thankyou

  1. can you recommend an easy quilt pattern for a two color quilt?

Try Creative Grids Rapid Fire Hunters Star tool. Hunters star is a fabulous 2 color quilt and the tool/ruler makes it easy to sew.

thank you.  I will check it out

another good two color quilt is the pineapple quilt. there is lots of different ways to make it. my favorite is using strips and corner squares. I will look in my books and mags and let you know where it is. I know that fons and porter has one


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