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Long arm quilt machine questions.   I have a (new) Artistic 26dx longarm - my question is not machine specific ... just trying to resolve a support issue I have:  If you have a "long" stand-up longarm with 'robot' - when you apply gentle pressure down on the front handles, are you able to lift the back of the machine from the carriage and move it side to side (about 3 inches in each direction)?   My (inexperienced) authorized dealer stated "I installed it according to directions so that's how it should work".    I have check with several other longarm quilters locally and they all say they are not able do this, and, in fact, they all say their machines are very firmly secured to the carriage.  If the behavior of my machine is "common" I'll back off (although I'm not happy about it) , otherwise I will begin pursuing a resolution more aggressively.     Thanks!    Susan

I know the topic of to pre wash or not to pre wash has been discussed before, but I have a question on that. I have some pre washed fabric I found in my stash and was wondering how big of a mistake it would be to use it with fabric that I have not pre washed? I have not been pre washing for sometime, but still have some that has been washed. What do you think?

Steam press the unwashed fabric and go for it. That said, I prewash everything. I tend to use lots of high contrast colors and don't want in bleeding surprises.

Thank you Odessaquilter, if I use the pre washed , I will post the results.

Hello All.  I am new to this website and from what I can see, it's great.  I am a long time quilter and garment designer, but new to long arm quilting.  I have a Baby Lock Jewel and in manual mode everything is fine, tension, etc. but in stitch regulation mode, my thread is always breaking.  I have changed needle, thread,etc. Bobbin tension seems to be perfect.  If anyone has any ideas, I would sure appreciate any advice.  Thanks a bunch!



Hello.  I am somewhat new to long arm quilting.    I have done side to side pantographs, however, I would like to work on block designs.  My question is how to advance my quilt if my block design is too large for the throat on my machine.  I have an 11" throat which only leaves me with up to 7" design that I can quilt.  Is there a technique to advancing the quilt to finish the design?

Hi, i am not receiving any mail, in the past i received lots of messages from the various groups i belong to, can you tell me how this has happened and what i have to do to be resubscribed, thanks

Hi, I am hoping someone out there might have a copy of Shari Jorgensons Double wedding ring book they might be willing to sell.  I am stuck in the midst of my quilt and would like the book for added visual aid.



Hi sandra, if you type in the bar at the top of your internet screen ..put double wedding ring patchwork templates i think you will get what u want, i did it and lots came up.  Good luck, marianne


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