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HELP! please

Why is it when I write a blog message does it not look like it did when I wrote it? The finished message doesn't have the spacing, so everything runs together. What am I doing wrong?

Laura, you're not doing anything wrong. I hadn't noticed that before, but it seems that's the norm. I too have carefully added nice paragraph returns only to see now that it doesn't do any good.
Hi, My friend Rose Marie & I will be making the Southern Stars quilt, but using just the pattern. Does anyone know how much of each color is needed for the whole quilt? We will be going shopping (yeaaaahhhh!) later today, so really need to know. We are really looking forward to making this quilt & getting busy this year. thanks for your help
If you look at the pattern on the CT website and look at the part that shows the fabrics included in this kit, you will see the yardage requirements. good luck.
what to do about spammers; i see two such members on the site tonite. i did report them as spammers to CT admin.
Hi polkadot,
I've been monitoring new members closely to watch for spammers or anything inappropriate. Let me know directly if you see anything I've missed.
Boy i can't wait! I ordered the Cottage Blossoms Place Mats and Coasters Kit.It's been 2 weeks the middle of this week.I can see why it's taking so long,there's alot of neat things in this catalog.F/quarter
Hi F/quarter,
I hope your kit arrives soon, but please note that we've had a couple of issues in our warehouse that slowed packages down a bit. First, our catalog was more popular then it ever has before and we rec'd record # of orders, then, Ohio got hit by the bad weather that's been all over. We had to close down 1 day and have limited staff another day to keep everyone safe. Sorry!
Anyone have a easy pattern for doing braided looking blocks?
That is a awesome block and works great, Did one 2 yrs ago and it's now in Alaska
This is a technical question, I'm not sure this is the right place for it, but here it is: My computer keeps freezing up while I'm on this site, it doesn't freeze up otherwise, is there a setting I need to change on my computer to keep it from happening so much? Thanks!


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