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Hi JudyT....my Husqvarna Sapphire 870 quilt machine has many features that make machine quilting enjoyable, for example, a button that cuts your thread at the end of your stitch; a 'start' and 'stop' button if you don't want to use your foot peddle; a needle threader; an automatic thickness sensor and more...it's a wonderful machine....hope this helps..Kathy
I have a question, How do you put a website link into the box you write your comment on? I tried with the hyperlink button but I must be doing something wrong. Thanks
HI , I know when I want to send a link to someone in a regular email-- I just type the whole address.. starting with the http://

& the link wil be highlighted when you complete it automatically

try it when you send a message & see.
Pats In OHIO
Hi Smokey, All you need to do is to highlight the link address. Hit Control "C" (for copy) and then when you go to paste it, you hit control "V" for velcro. To stick it. Hope that helps.
Smokey, it's worked for me so I'll just tell you what I do.

*First I write the word or phrase to be clicked on such as "see link" etc. (not quotation marks). A box will pop up that already has the http:// information in it, so all you need to add is the www.locationofyourdesiredlink.whatever. Leave this box open.

*I then open a second tab or window and bring up my linked site/page. I highlight the URL address in the tool bar that usually looks like nonsense because I never seem to be able to re-type the exact address myself, and once it is highlighted I right click and select "copy".

*Then I click back into my original 1st page (where I want to place the link) and place my cursor in the still open hyper link box. Then I right click there and select "paste" which then puts the URL into the box for me. BUT....you have to scroll back and REMOVE one of the "http://" sections from it because if you don't backspace and clear the box first, you'll end up with a link that has "http://" printed in front of it TWICE which inactivates the link! (which is what I think you might be doing.)

You can either backspace with your cursor BEFORE right clicking and using your paste option, or you can be REALLY careful when you copy your URL from your source page and only highlight back to thru the "www" part and then click "copy". Either way works. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is that your URL is faulty or the page it is on cannot be linked to from CT.

Hope this works!
I recently saw a antique quilt made of what looked like a hexegon block with an edge made of scollaps folded from the outside edge inward to make a window with a fabric in it much like the Catherral Window block. The hexegons were joined together with a whip stitch. I would love to tackle this block, but do not know how to start. Can you help me.

Annie Matuszak
Sevierville, TN.
Sally and Judy,
I've just changed the home page slideshow to only show those photos that have been "rated" by members. Assuming most people are rating quilts they love, you'll probably see primarily popular quilts on the home page now. I checked, and we can't separate the photos into two groups because the View All section is actually taking individual photos from all members home pages. I'm reluctant to make any rules in this community, rather, I'd like to let members make it what they want.

Hope this helps.
Karen (sitting in for admin)
I have just posted a couple of comments in the discussion category regarding the number of pictures that are not quilt related. Cats? Dogs? Families? We all have them and we all love them but there is "a time and place for everything". I would like to see this website just stick with sewing and quilt related things.
Yes I agree w/ you Judy.
what does "add a tag" mean when u post a new discussion?.
I have a Janome 6600 also and I love everything about it. I had been sewing on an old Singer that was commonly refered to as Maryjean's Threshing Machine because that's what it sounded like. It "drove" like an army tank. This Janome is like getting a brand new Cadillac! I looked at all the major brands and just couldn't see what they were going to give me (some for THOUSANDS of dollars more) than this Janome. My big requirements when I was shopping: largest throat area, great lighting, and as quiet as possible. The only little issue I've had is that this machine wouldn't fit into the rolling trolley that I'd been given to haul it around in-- a little too long. So I had to order a different one that would fit. I can really grow into this machine, with all the things it can do and I haven't tried yet. I love it when I invest hard earned money into something that proves to be worth every penny-- a rare occurence nowadays!
This was supposed to go with the question up above asking what kinds of machines we quilters used. Don't know how it got down here! Internet spooks? Web boogers? Who knows...


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