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I am thinking about a 3 shade (light, medium, dark) fabric swap. 10 inch squares would be a nice size I think, but am open to other ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Quilt store quality fabric in solid, small print, or tonal.

Anybody in?

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That sounds great to me. It has been fun, thanks for starting it and doing all of the work!!
Thanks for doing all the hard work in organizing this! I am so excited to see the fabrics and plan my project! Thanks again!
Thanks for doing this. It's been fun. Maybe we can do it again at a later date.
Thank you Luann for putting this all together. I am so exicited to get my new fabric. I'm not sure what I want to make with it yet, but I know whatever it is it will be very special. Thank you again for all your hard work.
Ladies and Gentlemen--Drum Roll, if you please.

All blocks, cut, sorted and stacked. Two envelopes packed and sealed.

It is one great big pile of beautiful--well, 12 smaller piles, but it feels great big to me. AND--I finished my last 'regular' block of my one block wonder. I think I have 100 blocks. Now I get to start making those really cool, three dimensional cubes.

What a good time this has been, all of the fabric has been so nice, and you can really tell people put alot of time and thought into their selections. Ya'll are going to learn my dirty little secret--I flunked ziplock class and got expelled from my last neat packing seminar. For those of you who aced neat packing, just remember, it is as frustrating for me as it is you. LOL Although, I am not kidding about the neat packing part.

I should start getting them in the mail tomorrow and finish on Saturday.

Woot woot!

Thanks so much Luann - great job :) and good luck with the ... oh wait, all packed, right... so, I can't wait to get my mail and may be one of the last ones, being on the other side of the border, but that's ok!

Linda :)
Great job Luann. Can't wait for my rainbow of fabrics.
Every package is in the mail or UPS. All done. What a great group we are.

LindaV--It was only $4.00 American to mail it to you. I will send you some of your fabric back. I have tell you--if you want that pink batik back, you are going to have to come and get it--LOL

Ah, no Luann - just keep it all! it never cost me that much to buy it - enjoy it! otherwise send me some of your fabric ;)
Hi Luann - Received my fabric today. WOW! What an array of different colors. Now I just need to decide what to do with them. Thanks again for starting this swap and doing all the work. It was fun. Take care and have a great day. Happy Quilting. Gina
It's a very rainy, dreary day here in NE Indiana...but I received my fabric and all the sun is shining again (even if it is only inside my house)!!! I think I know what I'm going to do with it...I have an embroidery disk with wildflowers that I'm going to use...love all the colors...thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work-it is much appreciated!
Received my fabric in the mail today. It is just lovely. Thanks so much to Luann and all the participants. This was my first fabric swap and I am very pleased with the results. Haven't decided what to do with the fabric yet. Any ideas?


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