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I am thinking about a 3 shade (light, medium, dark) fabric swap. 10 inch squares would be a nice size I think, but am open to other ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Quilt store quality fabric in solid, small print, or tonal.

Anybody in?

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Thank you so much for your explanation. It really helps a lot. Do I need to decide on the color I want and let you know or will you assign colors? Will you let us know when we need to send the squares and where to send them?

Thanks Luann for doing all of the coordinator duties. I am so excited that I actually dreamed a design for this quilt. Hopefully it will be as easy as my brain told my sleeping self it would be. LOL
Hi Luann
For the block swap how do we get your address? Can't wait to get started...............Elaine Chi MaMa
Dear everyone,

I am getting excited about our swap also. I was not going to assign colors, but if some people want to say generally what color they are using, that is good. It doesn't mean that someone else can't use that color, but it will help us spread out our color selections.

I was planning to post my address on the 19th or the 20th of March with April 1st as the absolute deadline. I know some of you early birds want to start now, but I will be traveling and I don't want the mail to pile up while I am gone.

Also, here is the current count of participants---Please read carefully

1. Luann
2. Elaine
3. Ruth C.
4. quiltingmama
5. Cheri
6. Jane H.
7. Ruth D.
8. Quiltnut
9. Quiltmom
10. Linda V.

Did I miss anyone? We can have up to 2 more. If necessary I will go in enough times to make sure it comes out to 12, so everyone can plan on 12.

I got a message from Bev. She wants to be in on the swap. She makes number 11.

Hi Luann, I'm really excited about the swap. I'd like to take the white, grey, black catagory. I'll be on vacation this week and then have jury duty the beginning of next week, the 23rd, so I hope I can meet the deadlines, grin. Thanks ever so much for starting a swap. I've never done anything like this before. Hang in there. I think you are doing great. Oh, if someone else has chosen this color group then just assign me what is needed. I'm flexible. Ruth D
If you don't already have 12 I'd like to put my name in...if you do that's ok...when you post your address would you also post the instructions re: color again? Thanks!
Quiltlady you make 12 and so this swap is CLOSED to new members!!!


I will be posting my address the end of this week and 1April is the deadline for mailing in. That way we can all spend tax day (April 15th) petting our new fabric.

Again, I would like to have the red set. I can't wait, I'm all ready to send whenever you post your address.
Good Afternoon everyone - I would like to have the yellow set. Thanks, Happy Quilting. Gina
It's FINALLY Friday and here it is.

Luann Holst
66 Meridian Lane
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Don't forget your self addressed stamped envelope!!!!

This sounds like a fun swap. If you decide to have another one, could you start a new subject in the Discussions? I don't want to miss the next one like I did this one.
You all have fun.

One note about SASEs - don't put a metered stamp on them. They're only good for the location on the meter. The post office might not take it!

Signed, Envious Fabricaholic [grin]


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