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I am thinking about a 3 shade (light, medium, dark) fabric swap. 10 inch squares would be a nice size I think, but am open to other ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Quilt store quality fabric in solid, small print, or tonal.

Anybody in?

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Thanks quiltingmama and Jane H. Glad things are working out. I've gotten confused myself about things on here. My biggest problem though is hitting the wrong key by accident and losing what I was doing. So on we go and Luann we still may meet the 15th date, grin. Perseverance does pay off. Thanks again.
Good morning everyone - I'm in, whatever you decide is fine with me. There is an easier way to follow the discussion then having to check back evry minute. At the bottom of each discussion page, close to the right hand border is a little envelope that you can click on to follow the discussion. What that does is send you an email everytime someone adds a comment to that particular discussion. When you don't to follow anymore you just click the envelope again and it stops following. Or stops sending emails, however you want to put it. You can so this for every single discussion on this site. Sometimes I have to reclick it because it turns it self off, I think I have a computer ghost. lol!!! Any how Happy Friday everyone and I am so looking forward to getting something fun in the mail!! Gina
Gina, thanks, now I've learned something new today, smile. I've got to go back to the other discussions I've tried to participate in and see if I've clicked that envelope, LOLLLLLLLLL....... Ruth D
Great work Ladies!!!

I am so glad that you found them and they want to participate. Now I have to see if I am smart enough to send them email. LOL Want to be sure they are up to speed and have all of the information that they need.

Jane monitors her comments and such so if you send her one or try to add a comment, it will take a day or so for her to respond. I did copy and paste the rules and your address into her comments this morning.
Jane emailed me and let me know that her fabric is on the way... she sent it Saturday morning by priority mail. :)
Good to be home. I was gone to Ontario Canada to visit family.Nice to check to see what was going on about fabric swap. Getting excited about the fabric.Oh what will we do with the blocks?????
Good afternoon to everyone. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We have had every kind of weather you can imagine--it seems like we went through all four seasons in the last 4 days.

I did not get any fabric today. Sad face.

Maybe tomorrow. Hopeful face.

Getting very excited about sorting and sending. That is going to be so much fun.

We had our guild quilt show this week-end so many beautiful quilts. I'm really ready to see the fabric
waiting with a smile for the package to come! !!!!!!!!!
Yipee! More beautiful fabric in the mail from Fitchburg, MA!!! Lovely, soft hand. Pretty colors.

Just waiting on one more package.

I believe it is Quiltnut's fabric that you are waiting for Luann! I am so excited to see all of these fabrics!! :-)

I think it is time for us to move a little further forward since I did not get a fabric package in the mail today. My plan is to sort the fabric and get it in the mail Saturday--maybe Friday if all goes well. If "quiltnut's" fabric gets here before I mail the packages I will include hers. If her fabric comes too late, I will mail it back to her. I will plan on going in twice so the math works out.

That seems fair to me, the group moves on, and has a plan if everything doesn't work out just exactly like we planned.

This sure has been alot of fun.



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