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I am starting this discussion to kind of organize who is going to the Ankeny Quilt Show. Their website says it's friday and saturday, july 6th and 7th. I thought the majority of us who are going might be going on saturday, as some are working friday. I would love to get a plan going for lunch somewhere. Maybe somewhere that has sort of a private area for us girls to be loud in and share/show what we have bought. I can't think of anywhere in ankeny at the moment, but I will keep brainstorming amd ask around.
If you are interestednor definitely can go, let me know and I'll keep a list up top here! I can make a cell phone list if that's okay with everyone. Just send me your cell # through regular email and I will compile it amd send the list out to each of you. My email addy is bugeez04@yahoo.com
If there is anything I have forgotten to mention please bring it up. I am not the best at these discussions!

Diane- friday only
Jackie- saturday only
Lynne- possibly friday and Saturday
Marcia- saturday only

Peg- saturday only
Marybeth- saturday only

Betty- Saturday
Pat- saturday

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Jackie, Joyce and I will be there around 9 and will be going to lunch and it sounds good the place you have booked.  Betty will not be coming she has a family gathering she is attending that day. Will see you Saturday morning.

Count me in, Andrea!  And Bandana's sounds great to me!  Will plan to meet all of you at the admissions desk @ 11:45.  Thanks for organizing this for us, Andrea!  Looking forward to see all of ya!  :)

Bandana's sounds good, Andrea.  I like to try out new places.  Never been there before.

oh great, I was worried- I hate making decisions!

Somebody bring a camera to share all the fun!

Watch out for those ladies with white gloves....remember last year they followed our group around when we viewing the quilts.

And no putting the program up this year Andrea when you are getting your picture taken.....

I am planning to get there around 9-9:30. Bandana's sounds good! Anyone from this area want to meet and share ride?

Can't wait to see everyone! I' ll look for Jackie, Nancy, Joyce and Pat around nine-ish then. Anyone else going to be there early? Diane did you go today?

Andrea,I have to stop for gas=probably won't get there until 9:30 or 10:00. See you tomorrow!

Have a great day ladies.  I probably won't be there.  We'll be gone the next 3 weekends and have lots to get done.  I wish it was close enough that I could go for an hour or two and not have the driving time.

You ladies have a grand time tomorrow. So sorry I am not able to join in on the fun with you.


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