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I have Fibromyalgia and cutting my fabric is incredibly painful. For days after I can hardly use my wrists and my shoulders and arms are awful. I'm looking at the QuiltCut 2 because I can sit down and it doesn't take so much pressure to cut- or so the seller says. I'm encouraged by the sliding ruler to line up vertical cuts quicker and more accurately. Connecting Threads used to sell these but doesn't anymore. It's pretty much sold only on the Alto's website. Was something wrong with the system?
I would appreciate your comments.

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Had one and got rid of it. I never could get the hang of sitting down to cut. I think you have to be mathmatically inclined to get the most out of it.
What specific problems did you have with it? (thanks so much for your answer!) Was it junk, too small, inaccurate? I'm thinking of jacking up the back kinda like a drafting table. What do you think?
I think it is a well made product, accurate and all. It and I were just not on the same wave length. It may be the same problem that always has me confused about which way handles turn. I always seemed to turn things every wrong way before I got the right way. Raising the back of it would be helpful if your sitting down I think.
You might see if they are being demonstrated somewhere that you can try it out, spend sometime cutting on one before you commit to buying.
Thanks a bunch, Odessa. That's what I needed!
I just bought one and I like it. I use it on my cutting table, and sit on a stool so I can move around easily. I think you still have to use a good bit of pressure on the rotary cutter, but not as much to hold down the ruler. I have arthritis in both hands and shoulders. It really made cutting much easier. I was pretty slow at first, but got the hang of it and had no problems. I cut out 3 quilts in one day, quite a lot for me ( I was getting ready to leave for the summer in our motor home. It's easy to sew, but not to cut ). You should try it first. I'm not sure it would work on a slant. The clamp would have to be at the back so the fabric wouldn't slide out of place. That would mean measuring from the back, and might be hard to see. I would ask their customer service about that.
I have one and my friend and I both use it. She has trouble with her shoulders and she says its a great help.
We can cut several strips at one time by layering several pieces of fabric on it which makes cutting quicker. I even took it to one of our quilt retreats and finished out cuttting in half the time. We just LOVE ours. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it. Measurements are easy. Because you do cut several fabrics at one time you always want to make sure you have a sharp blade on your rotory cutter. The slider ruler is the tops. and it is accurate cuts. I even ordered and extra mat but you can't even tell you cut on it. So I think it will last a long time. The Bag makes it easier to take it with you with the nice shoulder strap. Hope this helps.
I have one, and have used it for everything since the day it came to live with me! As with all tools there is a learning curve, but it is not steep. Despite my arthrisit I can still cut accurately and repeatedly. I once atain like to cut! I keep it on my cutting surface, at one end so that I can stand up and walk around it. It is alwasy accessible and from all sides. Would I purchase it again? Most definitely! (BTW I looked seriously at the die cutter, but could not justify the additional expenses for the dies---since I tend to make a quilt one time!)
Thank you to all !! I bought it and a couple of ergonomic rotary cutters and I love it!!! I'm still a little slow but don't know how I lived without it!!! I'm still using it flat with no problems so may not need it to be on a slant.
I'm confused about the slant. The person who demonstrated the system to me had it on a flat surface. Is there a direction that I missed stating it should be slanted?
No - it wasn't designed to be used on a slant. I thought it would help me cut while sitting down to have it on a slant like a drafting table. I'm having a fine time with it flat but I may change it later. It's worth a try.
Here is a video demo to show you how that works..
also, on youtube.com prolly has something on that to..hope this helps you... hugs, Judy
I have one that I have been wanting to sell. I love it and it is easy to use. My husband has created for me an amazing sewing room, with a built in cutting table/sytstem and I no longer need it. If you are interested in buying it, I am interested in selling. If anyone is interested, respond and we can set something up,


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