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I just bought a Fiskars Rotary Ruler, it is a 24 inch ruler with a sliding rotery cutter attached. I have not tried it yet but hope it helps with my accuracy in cutting as I am legally blind and can not afford the expensive cutters out there on the market now. Anyone tried it? Anyone have any suggestions on better more accurage cutting techniques? Blessings Deb

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I think what you may have gotten is the scrapbookers cutter. Not sure how it would work with fabric.
Do you ever quilt with anyone else, or do you belong to a guild? Why not ask or trade someone something and have them do your cutting for you? You may also ask at a quilt shop if there is someone who would be willing to help.
Good luck, where there's a will there's a way. God will help you find your answer. Just have to ask.
God Bless
Deb....I have used that particular ruler/cutter combination for years....it is very accurate and great for those who may have arthritis or carpal tunnel.....the cutter moves easily......NOW....there is something even better!! It is the June Tailor Shape Cut.....this heavy plastic ruler has channels cut in it ...a half inch apart....you lay it on your fabric and put your rotary cutter in the channel....you can cut several strips of fabric at a time....there are three different sizes available....good luck....Chyna
Thanks Chyna and Lauren for replying,
I just tried it last night and it does work wonderfully I just have to remember to cut things 1 inch smaller than I want them but I cut a whole quilt or allmost two lap quilts I am making for Project Linus last night really quickly with it. I found it at Walmart for thrity six dollors they are clearancing out most craft things at ours to make it a SuperWalMart. blessing to you both. Deb
I've seen Eleanor Burns use it on her show several times. Apparently it's good enough for her. I don't know if it was a Fiskars Brand but it was exactly the same cutter and she loved it.
Yes, I use one too and have a love/hate relationship with it. I don't thiink it's very good for several layers of fabric and i love it because it cuts strips so well. Just make sure that your increments are correct so you get the right size. Gini
I , at first had a hard time but once I got the hang of it I never use anything else. You don't tend to trail off at the end of a long cut like you would with using just a hand cutter.. I love mine, best invention ever.
I use that Fiskars rotary ruler a lot. I also have th one they made for scrapbooking and it works well for cutting fabric. I don't trust myself to cut straight using a cutter and just a ruler so these are great. The June tailor slotted ruler is good too but it can get distorted a bit and is hard on blades if you don't get your cutter in the groove juse right.
I love this method, its so easy and effortless. Just make sure that you use a large enough mat with measurements and a few practice cuts until you feel comfortable. I cut through 4 layers no problem. I would recommend only 2 at a time till your use to it. Make sure that if you have to recut go in the same direction that your first cut was. Never cut back and forth but allways start from same direction again. I saved lots of time , My strips were perfect. l cant live without it now. My Blade was dull by the end of that project though. Let me know if you have luck with this .
Hi, I have this ruler and I've only been using it to cut wool for rug hooking. Great to see all the replies and I'll now start cutting my fabric too. Thanks a lot. Sandie B.
Hi, I have just seen this ruler on Elanor Burns show and really would like to have one, but I cannot find it anywhere, can anyone tell me where to find one?
Hi Rosie....you could try Quilt in a Day.com or Joanne Fabrics.com to find this ruler. I am sure Fiskars has their own site.  I have seen this ruler at Walmart as well.  Good luck!
These have been discontinued.  It has been replaced by the Fiskars Donna Dewberry Cutter available online and at Joann Fabrics.  Seems to be very similar but I have no experience with the new one.


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