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Hi all,

I used to have a copy of a poem to put on the back of a baby quilt that I now cannot locate. It was something about using the quilt for play and comfort etc. and when it was worn out, I'd make another one. Does anyone have this poem? or do you have a favorite that you use on baby quilts?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

God Bless all quilters.

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Lauren...Here is a poem I have found in a mag somewhere. I used it on my last baby quilt. Not the one you may be looking for, but thought I would share...

Little Bits of Fabric

Little bits of fabric
sewn into a baby quilt

Form a warm & loving blanket
From which memories are built.

And when you seek peace & comfort
In the quiet of the night

It will keep you warm & snug
Until the morning's light. Anonymous
thanks Donna...That is a good one too. I did find the one I was looking for on another forum. Boy quilters are always there to help and it is greatly appreciated. I'll put this one in a safe place for future use.
God Bless
I wouldn't mind knowing the other poem also that you found...if you don't mind sharing!
Here is a link for the poem. It's the one on the right side of the page.


I like to put this one on the back so the Mother knows it's OK to let the child use and abuse the quilt....after all, it's the baby's NOT the Mother's!!!

God Bless
I happen to look at the poems that Lauren posted...and saw the baby one I've mentioned. With credit to the author of it. oops. I originally found the poem in a quilt mag awhile ago...Cut it out so I don't know which one it was. Too bad the editors couldn't have given the author the credit. I did bookmark the page & now have it for future reference.
I cant help you with the poem but looking forward to if someone knows. I love you Kitten pic....what a cutie.
Good luck.

This quilt is made of cloth and thread
    to place upon your little bed.
    It's not an heirloom - just to keep,
    but to lay upon as you count sheep.
    Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place
    for a doll and teddy picnic space.

    This quilt can be anything you dream-

    from Superman's cape to the rope of a queen.

Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea,

or just cuddle up when you watch TV.

So use it up and wear it out-

I promise I won't yell or pout.

Just tell me when it's days are through,

and I'll make another, just for you.


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