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Wondering what the consensus of opinion is. Should a person pre-wash Batik fabric in the same way you might wash other fabrics.
I have always washed mine, but many girls in my guild say not to do it.
Someone just told me that I should because they shrink. I have never noticed any shrinkage with my batiks.

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Batiks bleed like crazy, always prewash. I prewash every cotton fabric I buy. I use Retayne on the ones that keep bleeding.
I have been pre-washing everything lately. It seems to help with my allergies. My allergic symptoms are really mild but they are noticable and I think they are worsening as I get older. I also feel that if an item may ever need washing in the future it's best to know the outcome ahead of time. Hope this helps! Rebecca
I never pre-wash any of my fabrics! I LOVE THE FEEL AND SMELL OF NEW CRISP FABRIC I have never had any problems with shrinkage with batik's so I just never do pre-wash
thanks. I do wash my batiks because I am paranoid. But never have had I had any that bleed (and I am a lover of dark colours, especially navy and dark earth tones). Maybe some manufacturers are worse than others!!


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