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This weeks tutorial is very basic.  No rotary cutting involved, just assembling a simple nine patch block.  I'd like to know who all is attending this quilt along, so I'll know how beginner you are.  So please take a moment to introduce yourself in this discussion and tell us how long you've been quilting, or general sewing.  Tell us if you've ever used a rotary cutter/mat/ruler.   Don't be shy!

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Hi I am Mary (ranchmom) I have been sewing most of my life, started out by hand making doll clothes to my own clothes, to clothes for my family and then to quilting. I am a beginner at quilting but love it and I am glad to have these tutorials available on line. My distance from lqs has kept me from taking classes and the tutorials are great, I love learning new things and better ways of doing things I thought I knew how to do. I find that a lot of the time my way of doing things is far from the best or easiest way of doing it.
Good morning, I really enjoyed this weeks tutorial and looking forward to future ones. Thank you for this service, just another reason I love connecting threads. I have been quilting for about 4 years now and always looking to learn more. Thanks again, Kelley
I learned my way around a sewing machine in high school--a hundred years ago!
Just relearned a year ago by taking a series of basic quilting lessons. You should see my stash already! I like simple piecing like bricks,rail fence, turning 20 patterns, etc. I will never be a quilting expert but the gifts I have made so far have been loved!! There is nothing like a bunch of gorgeous coloured fabrics to improve my mood. Sometimes I just take out some of my stash and arrange and rearrange it into colour combos! :o)
YOU ARE A TRUE QUILTER. WE ALL JUST LOVE TO STROKE AND TOUCH OUR FABRIC....EVEN SOMETIMES WE CANNOT BRING OUR SELVES TO EVEN CUT IT. You will be an expert to anyone you give your work to as they will be so grateful for such a loving gesture. SImple piecing is just wonderful, I too love it.
Lynda New Quilter
Hi Karen ! My name is Ginette and I have been quilting for about 6 years now - a retirement project. I have been sewing since I was about 8 years old, starting by making doll clothes, etc... and then eventually making some garments. Took a few courses when I started quilting, but would like to refresh my memory. I especially love paper piecing and EPP (English paper piecing) and also enjoy applique work. I machine quilt my small projects and send my larger quilts to a Long Arm Quilter. Took a course to learn hand quilting, but not very good at it yet - need more practice.
I belong to the local quilt guild and a neighborhood sewing group here in Georgia.
Looking forward to review basic methods and learn new techniques along the way.
Thanks for offering this program this year.
Hi Ginette - I love EPP too! I'm not as fond of paper piecing and that's on my list for a Techniques 2010 tutorial so I can improve my skills. Maybe I'll even grow to like it :)
good morning
this is Cindy i am in Arizona for the winter in a RV so i really do not have to much room for sewing and quilting but like to keep trying will only be here for 2 more month and then back to Tennessee so if i do not post anything it means i am on the road and have no internet again i love your quilt along and the fabric just order the desert water quilt kit and hope i will get to it soon the colors are so pretty and just what i need for my spare bedroom keep up the good work all of you are doing
Hi, I'm Dee from Tx and I have been sewing forever - since my first Home Ec class (anyone remember those?) in high school. I have made many outfits for myself and a few for my boys when they were younger.

I have done 2 quilts - one for each boy when they went to college. They were very basic with machine quilting. I have done rotary cutting but do not feel I am very good at it. I have done some hand quilting years ago before I got married. I have an unfinished quilt that I started at that time that I hope to finish now that I have a little more time on my hands with both my boys in college. I also have a new house with a craft/ laundry room that will allow me to have a good place to leave things that are in progress

I decided to join so that I could sew along and at the end of the tutorial have something completed.
Hi Dee I too was in home ec....they need to use it today. So many do not have a clue of how to do anything unless their Moms do teach them.
Hi Dee - don't you wish Home Ec would return to school?!!
Hello! My name is Mardell and I live in the Northwest. I have been sewing clothing, home decorating and some crafts for over 40 years but decided I would allow myself to begin quilting, knowing that it would lead me to more and more fabric to buy. I started a Breast Cancer quilt that has pinwheels but it is still laying in the tote because my pinwheels aren't so hot. That is frustrating, knowing I can tailor clothes, sew well with knits etc. But I have started working on smaller projects and will proceed. These tutorials will help me get things into perspective. It is interesting to learn differenc techniques for cutting and measuring. I am left handed too so the cutting is sometimes a challenge as I decide which hand to use or where to put the ruler! I am adaptable though so I am eager to get up to speed on the nine patches. I love readiing the Elm Creek series and this is something that will spur me on to making patches from some of my long awaiting stash. I would love to make a quilt one day from the scraps I have saved from the clothes I made for my girls when they were growing up.


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