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This weeks tutorial is very basic.  No rotary cutting involved, just assembling a simple nine patch block.  I'd like to know who all is attending this quilt along, so I'll know how beginner you are.  So please take a moment to introduce yourself in this discussion and tell us how long you've been quilting, or general sewing.  Tell us if you've ever used a rotary cutter/mat/ruler.   Don't be shy!

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Hi PinkGranny,
The baby quilt I made for my daughter was partially from MY OWN baby clothes! My mom had cut out a pile of hearts for some project many years ago, all from scraps from things she'd made me. I loved salvaging those hearts and incorporating them into my daughters quilt.

I've read about half of the Elm Creek series, but the first one is still my favorite.
Hi Pink Granny. I too am a lefty. It is a bit different having to do the cutting from the opposite side from everyone else. But WE adapt fast. The world was not made for us. For some inspiration: One of the most talented ladies in my quilt guild is a lefty. I am also nearsighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. Thus making me see things differently than most. This lady in my guild is the same way. I guess you can tell she is my mentor. I have learned more from here workshops than anyone. I too love the elm creek series. I have read them all. Am thinking of re-reading them. The quilting books that accompany them are awesome as well. If you haven't seen them check them out. I got them from my local library.
I have been sewing since I was about 10 as well. My mother started me in a class offered by Sears. I made a full skirt and matching blouse. I made most of my work clothes back in the 70's. Then life got too hectic and I really have not sewn any clothes since. I have always been interested in quilting but did not start quilting until about 8 years ago when my husband bought me a new computerized machine. I joined a small quilting group in RI and really enjoyed the group. Then I moved to NH and have missed having a small quilting group to attend. I have mostly made small quilts. I am currently making my first king size. I recently lost my job so I am now retired.
I'm not a newbie to quilting but also not a pro. Sometimes It is just fun to go back to the basics and this is a wonderful square when you need a "fast" quilt for a gift - very versatile! Any chance there will be another "square-a-month" online class?
It never hurts to get a refresher on techniques and any new ways to do things in the quilting world. Inspiration is a great help in beginning and finishing a project. I'm looking forward to joining in on the fun. Thanks!
Hello! I have been sewing since about 4 years of age. My mother taught my sisters and I to sew young to keep us busy and out of her hair when she was sewing. I started out making clothes for my dolls and then joined 4-H and spent 10 years chasing a very elusive Grand Champion ribbon. I've sewn several halloween costumes, suits and play clothes for my son until he was too old to appreciate home sewn clothes. I continue to sew unique outfits for myself. I discovered quilting and just fell in love. I have made several tops each with a new technigue to help me improve my skills. I still have along way to go. I kept my first sampler just to remind me how far I have come! I am currently trying to perfect my hand quilting.

I am a member of a large quilt guild locally as well as the state guild. I also participate in two neighborhood groups of the American Sewing Guild. My husband probably feels abandoned sometimes with me in my own little world stitching but does not seem to mind. Each group has a wonderful bunch of gals with a wealth of experience to help if I get into a jam.

I work as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Ultrasound Technologist 10 hours a day, 4 days a week therefore quilting is a stress buster for me. It gives me something else to focus on which makes the cares of the day just disappear. I love the fact that I have something tangible when I finish so all that stress turns into something creative and beautiful.

As most quilters, I have so many projects I'll never finish but I will make every attempt to do the best I can. I only hope my son marries a girl whom I can share my joy of quilting with. If not maybe I'll get a granddaughter to teach someday!

Milford, Indiana
Hello fellow quilters,
I'm Teresa Martinek from Cedar Rapids IA. I can not remember not liking fabric. I can remember wanting mom's scraps even before I went to kindergarden. I made my first baby blanket for my cousin when I was in first grade. It was just hemmed flannel. I was given my Grandmother's treadle sewing machine when I was 12. I've been quilting since 1986. I've learned a lot about quilting and have even taught it at my old job at Mangelsen's in Omaha. There are always new things to learn and new ideas to try.
The lessons here seem very well explained. I think I will learn some new ideas.
I'm Diana and I decided after belonging to the pinwheels group to join this one. I've been quilting for about 4 years now. I always enjoy finding out new ways to do things and having everyone to ask questions if I need any answers is always welcomed. I have a lot of UFOs and the nine patch block is always a good one to add to a pattern and there are lots of ways to use to this block in patterns. I look forward to talking with everyone.
Just stumbled onto this site after viewing Connecting Threads ad in the Jan/Feb. issue of Fon's & Porter I happened to purchase last month.

I have sewn (taught by my mother) since grade school, making outfits and bikinis & I always loved it. After my teens, I was busy working and going to school, etc., and didn't have a chance to get back to sewing until the last decade....didn't know I was quilting until I saw a kit wall hanging I had already made a few years back displayed as a quilt at our county fair, lol! Next, I made scarves for family members from my dad-in-laws ties after he passed - from "Daddy's Ties"...still didn't know I was quilting! (Quilting classes would have made a big difference when I made those scarves) I knew I was attempting to quilt, however, when I purchased Simplicity pattern for Aunt Edna's prairie point baby quilt by Eleanor Burns 2 years ago....thought I could figure it out and quickly found I needed help....through contacts, I got hooked up with the greatest local instructor! Haven't stopped since.....have just ordered fabrics this last week for 5 more quilts, it's late, it could be more, ack! My 2-yr. old nephew already has 2 of my quilts - there is just so much to learn - it's fantastic!

Anyways, my class is once a week, and it's always full so I can't bug my instructor too much with all my questions + all the interruptions that go on in a room full of women - I am here to hone my skills & grow in any which way the wind blows. I have already started two queen-sized Boston Common quilts (it's my instructor's fault - she's always showing me something new) - it's hectic in my sewing room this year! I use a rotary cutter and mat - sew on a basic Elna that I love. My instructor is a mini-quilt expert, and I so adore working on minis - almost instant gratification! We live in a rural area, so only a few fabric sources - this last week I found that my new projects are coming from Kentucky...so that's where all the fabric goes.....needless to say, I love the visuals already in this class here - it helps me better understand what my instructor has been trying to teach me.

Happy to be here & enjoy reading the posts - thank you!
GeorgiaAnn - feel free to ask as many questions as you like here! If I can't answer it, someone here will!
Oh - I wish I would have seen your note earlier as I have spent entire morning at Connecting Threads site trying to figure out how much yardage I'd need for the week 2 part, lol! Well, I also fell in love with the "After Hours" jazz collection, so ordered a ton of that for another lap quilt to make, so this took a lot of time to figure out as I wanted to use more of those fabrics instead of the few fabrics in the "After Hours" kits....which means I'm getting to learn more about yardage needed basics, finding a pattern that reminds me of the fabric...thankfully, I have a basic quilting book to guide me and another book of various patterns to use.

I am intrigued by your week 2 lesson pattern, so am off to local quilt shop now to buy that fabric - holey moley, I'll be quilting every day for a very long time with all my finds! Love it! (I thought the deal for the Baby Nine Patch at Connecting Threads was great, but I don't want to wait for delivery & also want to try my luck at selecting fabrics. TYVM for this site!
Hi I am Gayle, to the grands and great grands I am known as "Nanny Gayle". I started sewing when I was in the 5th grade. I was in 4-H and made an apron. I have been sewing something ever since. I still have my original machine(Kenmore) that DH bought me in 1968 that I used to make clothes for our 2 girls. I also have about 6 or 7 more. Not all are in perfect working condition. I am mostly hung up using my "Brother" machine. I am anxious to learn the basics and see how much difference in the way I was taught. I am ever so happy to be a member of QWU and extremely glad that Karen and the others developed this site for us. Thank You!


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