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I must admit that most of what I know about quilting, I've learned by reading about it online or in books (fiction, too). I read about a block swap I'd kind of like to try...though I've never participated in a block swap, let alone run one before. I'll be honest right off the bat and let you know that I don't intend to start the swap until this summer (there just isn't time right now), but I figured I could throw this out there and see if I could drum up some interest before then. I'll have guidelines and everything typed up by the end of the spring, but for now, the basics.
*We would need 12 people to participate. Preferably, they would each have a birthday in a different month, but if some people didn't mind celebrating a different holiday or their half birthday, we could stretch that rule a little. Otherwise, it'll be first come, first served for claiming birthday months.
* Each month, we would make a swap block (the colors, size, and pattern would be chosen by the person who's birthday falls in that month) and send all of our blocks as gifts for that person.
I think this sounds like a neat swap because all of the blocks don't have to be done at once...we'd only have to make one block each month. Plus, we'd get to try out new types of blocks.
This will be rather informal...by that, I mean that all are welcome. I am a newbie and I certainly hope to never find out that a block I send in was "unacceptable." It is within your rights to alter, fix, or discard any block you recieve, but please don't tell me! :^)
Anyway, if you'd be interested in joining in, please leave a comment with the month of your birthday. I'll start...my birthday's in February (though if there are other Februarys out there who want to participate...I'll find another holiday, like the 4th of July or Christmas to celebrate!)

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My birthday is October and this sounds like it could be alot of fun to see all the different blocks that you would get from our fellow quilters.
I've started a group just for us so we can exchange addresses and plan blocks. I've made it a closed group so others can't join by mistake in the middle of the swap. This means I personally need to invite you to join, which I can't do until we're friends. I sent you a friend invitation, but wanted to let you know about it on here in case you either weren't aware yet that I'd sent it or weren't sure why. I hope you had a great week...happy weekend!
~Monica Miller
Hi Monica, sounds like fun! My birthday is in October but I can see that so is Phyllis' . I don't mind January though. If some-one comes along with a Jan birthday feel free to bump to whatever is left.
Cheers, Lise
I'm excited to tell you that the birthday block swap is closed...we have our 12 people...sorry to anyone who was thinking about joining in but hadn't gotten back to me with a definate answer. Please do not think that this was an original idea of mine or that I'd mind if you started other groups...go for it!
To those who have signed up, here are the month assignments (not everyone was able to get their birthday month. Fortunately everyone who had to take a secondary month seemed willing to be flexible).
January - Lise
February - Monica
March - Becky Bozic
April - Julia
May - Karen Wheeler
June - Shirleymac
July - Molly
August - Quiltmom
September - Bobbie
October - Phyllis Fox-Moore
November - Sandy Engel
December - Debra L. Wiesen
I'm going to say for now that our first swap will be for the month of July. That will get us time to get set up and ready to start. I've started a group just for us (but it is in the approval process and I don't know how long that typically takes so for now we will keep this discussion open even though we won't be taking on any new members).
Again, here are the basics of how this will work (we'll take July as an example). Once the swap officially starts, Molly will tell us what kind of block she'd like us to make, what size she'd like it to be, and what colors we should choose from. We'll each make a block to her specifications and send it to her. By the end of July, she'll have 11 blocks (plus one of her own, if she chooses to make one) to use for whatever project she'd like.
By the middle of May, I'll have the official "rules" posted (including dates and deadlines for choosing a block and for completing blocks), and then we'll be able to get started!
What can you be doing in the meantime...start thinking about what kind of block/colors you'd like when your month comes around.
Thank you all for signing up!
I am interested but not sure if I am what you may say "good enough" to be a part of this. My birthday is September.......... My biggest problem is matching points, they don't like me....much!
Let me know what you think and we will go from there!
Have a great day, Monica!
We would have loved to have had you, even if your points don't match up! Unfortunately, we already have 12 people for the swap, which is the maximum possible number (there are only 12 months in the year after all). Hopefully we can catch you next time (and I'll keep you on a list of people to contact if someone changes their mind about participating).
Hello all! I've started a group just for us...in order for anyone to join, I have to invite them (not to be exclusive, but to avoid confusion). We can use it for all of our communications about the swap. It's called Birthday Block Swap '09-'10. In order for me to invite you, we have to be friends so if we are already friends, I sent you an invitation to join the group. If we aren't already friends, I sent you an invitation to be my friend. As soon as everyone has joined the group, I'm going to close down this discussion.
Happy Quilting!
Monica. I would also be interested. I am a February birthday, I dont mind switching months. I think it sounds like fun.
Whoops, I guess I am to late.
Kim, I'm sorry but you are too late...we already have 12. I'll keep your name in reserve in case anyone has to pull out. Hope we can catch you next time!


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