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I'm sorry. I think I wrote something very misleading. What I meant to say was that in June, when school is over for the summer, I won't be able to get so much sewing done because the kids will be around all day and we'll be at the pool. I didn't mean to say we were at the pool when they come from school in the afternoon. I can't even imagine what it's like at -28 C. We are in the worst part of our winter here, and in town it's between 4 and 10 C. Very soon, we'll be having lunch out in the sun every day. Anyway, we will make sure we have a pool party in our agenda when we all get together! Carmen
It was a nice thought! I was ready to go swimming! Darn!
Don't get put off, ladies. When we start planning our quilting meeting ... we'll just throw in a SPA or a nice beach resort. OK? LOL

This is beautiful Carmen. I love your material! I haven't got B 4 done,,,,I don't think...this will get me at it! PS....it's only -10 here today...the sun is out and it's actually melting some of the snow....there's puddles on the road.
I made a photocopy from my book and used it as paper foundation. It was easy. Plus ... its a good block to increment your number of pieces! It has 21!! It really uplifts that count.
Puddles?? Sounds like Spring is coming!

Carmen, you are doing an awesome job on your blocks and I love the colors you're using. And you are totally skunking me right now. But I am going to get a start and will no longer have to sign.....
Edna (0,0,0,0)
Edna, until you get rid of some of those zeros ... you can call me Mrs. Romero, thank you. LOL. This first name basis ... we're on different levels now, I hope you understand ...
Just kidding!! I can't wait to see you start. They are so much fun to make. Each one different and so tiny ... it's really a lovely work, and having a group like this one is lots of fun. Move out of those zeros ... we've made room for you up here already. Can't wait to have you with us!!
What a coincidence!! That B-12 is the exact one I'm working on right now!!! Woooowwwww that's weird! Anne
It's a nice coincidence. I read about all your troubles with the sun and it was very amusing. Being able to share our stories as we go will be a lot of fun, I'm sure. I shake when I think of the sun I have to make, really. Thank God it's not on the beginer list! I think my leaf shapes on B-12 are a bit large ... don't aske me why ... look at the seam allowance that's left around the block ugg. but I'm not doing another one ... this one will have to go. Let me know which one you would like to make next and we can go along together if you'd like.
Your B-12 is gorgeous....Here's mine....I totally wrecked the outside points...I am obviously having trouble with those. There's such a tiny bit of material to work with and the muslin frays big time! I don't have long finger nails either....and apparently that is an asset!
I scanned this block, rather than photographing it,,so you can see too many details. I won't do THAT again. Also I guess I should have trimmed the threads before scanning! HaHa....What a wipe-out!!


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