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I was looking at everyones photos and had to laugh at how many cats love to lay on the tables while we sew. I had to make "Kitty" his own box with old towels in it cause he kept laying in a small plastic bin that had material in it. He also lays on the table right by my sewing machine when I sew.

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I didn't think a quilt was finished until it had cat hair on it!

Sandie that is so true! My fabric gets hair on it before I get to even use it. My sewing area I have set up is my kitty's favorite place with all the tables and shelves of fabric and projects :)
Hi Sandra,
That is so true! Since my cutting table is near the window, they also love to lay there and gaze at the birdies. lol All the while, leaving hair everywhere! By the way, love your white and gray tabbie pic. :)
Thanks ... that's Toby the Terrible Tabby. I'll have to change my pic a few times to get all of my kitties on or they will get jealous! Mine also control the cutting table by the window. It's their favorite place in my sewing room.
Hi, That's funny! My kitty, Stripes, loves to lay on the table when I sew too. She likes to grab the fabric as I sew,then gives me a hard time about letting it go. She's pretty funny.She loves to lay on any piece of fabric she can.
Just love all the kitties stories! One of our cats likes to sit in the window above when I sew anything. Then I have another kitty that likes to sit in my lap when I knit. A couple of times he gets his nose touched with my knitting needles. Ok...maybe more then once. But he still doesn't play with my yarn. He's a good kitty. I do have pictures of two of them on my page. Have fun quilting,sewing and knitting with our cats!
I honestly don't think I know how to quilt without at least one of my cats on my lap "helping" me! As for getting things done in my sewing room, there is always at least one of my 5 making mischief or dozing in the sun while I work. They're a lot of company to me; plus, they have the added advantage that they look on all my projects with delight and they NEVER laugh at my mistakes - well, okay, maybe a smirk or two, but what the heck, I laugh at them all the time.
My cat loves quilts and thinks they are all just for her. When I've got a hand-quilting project in the works, I have to be careful to keep it folded and put away when I'm not working on it. Otherwise she crawls underneath, and using the hoop as a tent frame, will make a nest inside there. Next time I get set to work, I find the back of my quilt all covered in cat hair! Ugh. Now, I fold it up neatly (and tightly) and cover it with an old towel. She happily perches up on top like it is a throne! The towel is covered in fur, but the quilt stays nice and clean.
Mine to.I get out my cutting board and my cat just has to lay on it.I have to pick her up and move her.
I don't have a cat, but my chihuahua,Pancho thinks he needs to be in my lap while I sew.

My cats, too, love to help me when I sew. They know exactly when to jump up on the table, as soon as they hear the rustle of the pattern pieces or see the fabric laid out to be cut, they'd be right there.

Love this picture, both cats, doesn't look like you'll get much work done with buddies taking over.


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