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Does anybody quilt for charity? I joined a local group here in Colorado called Firehouse Quilts. We make "kid sized" quilts and donate them to the firehouses and emt's in Colorado. We bag them up with a tag "Made with Love from Firehouse Quilts", and then the firemen/emt's give them to child victims of crime/trauma/fire/accidents, etc. It is a great group, and wonder if anyone else is involved in any charity?

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I am involved with Quilts With Love. This nonprofit organization makes quilts for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have donated over a dozen quilts to ehtm during the last 6 months.
My Guild donates quilts to JPS Hospital Fort Worth for the children's ward. Some of the members make the tops and hand them out to other members to quilt for those who want practice or just like to quilt. The thinking is that kids don't care if you're quilting isn't perfect so it's practice for the members and cozy, warmth for the kids. The Guild has delivered sometimes 30-40 quilts per month via this method. Great stuff.

Another one I've done is through Designs in Machine Embroidery in which pillowcases are made for children in Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, TX. They offer some dimensional guidelines and require "Cook Children's" to be embroidered on the pillowcases but beyond that, you're free to use whatever fabrics you desire. Since the kids get to choose which ones they want, I usually do some girly,some boy, some western, some sports, etc. Once you've made as many as you want, you mail them back to an address at Designs and they have a liaison at Cook's who delivers the pillowcases. Fun, fun quick project for between quilting projects.
I belong to a small group of sewing ladies, mostly quilting. All of us make charity quilts. One does for "Warm Up America". She ties all her quilts. We also contribute to Teen Moms with baby quilts and burp cloths. We also give to the local cancer treatment center. We mostly use our fabric scraps which result in some pretty, colorful quilts.
A couple of months ago I saw a cute quilt in a magazine and the ad said that the pattern could be downloaded free from the fabric manufacturer's web site so I went there and downloaded it. It was a safari baby quilt which turned out cute.
Did you know that you can go to most fabric manufacturer's web site and download free patterns? They have some pretty nice stuff.
I started a quilt group at my church. It is called, God's Healing Quilts. We make quilts for people in our area that has gone thru some bad times such as sickness, fire or loosing their homes. We make baby quilts up to full size quilts. I enjoy being with the women and the sharing of ideas and stories.
Our quilt guild has lap quilts that they do for nursing homes so they can put the little quilts over their legs in the wheel chairs. We also do stockings for Vet Hospitals. I personally do little small pillows and pillowcases for kids or adults that are taking chemo for MD Anderson and they can take them home. Everyone needs a pillow if they are sick.
I've made quilts to give to the injured soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan--they really appreciate a quilt to cover them during the flights from military hospitals in Iraq/Afghanistan to Germany, since it gets chilly in the planes. Additionally, I've made 35 quilts for DrewBear Bankies (no longer a viable charity) which gave small flannel quits to NICU's for preemie babies. I also make baby/child quilts for the hospital that I work in for the little ones who aren't expected to survive. Sometimes it helps the parents to know that their baby is wrapped in a warm quilt through their next journey.
Our local quilt guild donates 100's of quilts to various charitable organizations, nursing homes, persons who suffer loss from fires, etc. My goal in 09 is to make at least 2 kids quilts each month! So Far I'm up to April, so I'm ahead of the game, I took my time over the Christmas Holiday to get ahead. I just have to hide them from my grandson as he thinks all quilts are for him and no one else.
My quilt guild makes comfort pillows for our local hospital. We also make lap quilts for soldiers that have some back home wounded. There is also a project here in Md called project Linus, I think that is spelled correct, we have quilter or just anyone that donates fabric to local shops or even our local sewing store. Women meet once a month and spend the day making quilts for children. You can make them at home if you like and there are places you can drop them off.
What size do they need to be? I have various sizes.
Quilts of Valor - local quilt shop. Quilts are given to recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.

Nearby police station throws a Christmas party for families with domestic problems (they keep track of the families). Local church makes quilts for these families - we are wrapping love around kids, one family at a time. I think this is the 6th or 7th year....making 150+ quilts yearly.

At Christmas, I received a request for baby quilts - not fancy, just warm. They will be shipped to South America next Spring.

Have also donated to Newborns in Need and recently found an 'Abuse - Womens Shelter' nearby town, so I have needs that are closer to home.
I am involved with a guild in IL which makes a lot of charity quilts; over the last ten years they have made 1166 'love quilts' which are donated to a kids camp each summer as well as other people in need from a variety of causes throughout our area. We also do Quilts of Valor and have connected with a wonderful lady in CO who is trying to donate 400 quilts to a unit in Fort Carson before May - we are up to over 300 currently. More information on these can be seen through my web site www.quiltinana.com and see the Quilts to Honor page. Last fall we started a work day where we cut and put together kits for the members to work on at home and got at least 50 kits ready for QOV tops; we have 4 ladies with long arm machines who do the quilting though some members do their own. This month we have repeated this process for our love quilts to begin the year; there are two boxes full of kits ready for next month's meeting and we meet again Monday to cut some more. I think there will be plenty of tops to work on this year. I also enjoy making baby quilts when I can squeeze the time and give these to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center for their clients. There are a lot of wonderful organizations out there to work with; you just have to find the one(s) that speak to your heart. Arlene
As with most guilds, we have a charity quilt program. We call it Love Patches and the quilts go to local kids through Dept. of Family & Youth Services. We've recently been making quilts for the YWCA's Operation Kid Comfort program also. These quilts are very special ones for kids of deployed service members. The family provides pictures of the deployed parent and the child and we make them into darling photo quilts for the little ones to snuggle with or pillows for teens. There's a picture of one I made on my page.


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