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I got started on my blocks this afternoon. This is so much fun that I don't want to stop! Pictured are C-12, K-2, M-12, and I-3. Also completed but not pictured are A-6, M-10, and C-3. Yes, I used my artistic license to interpret K-2. Mrs. Hansen (7,0,0,177)
Modified on 2-22; I removed the first pictures I posted full size, replaced them with smaller images. Pictured are C-3, A-6, K-3, M-5, E-8, E-9, J-4, and D-13.

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I like the one on DJ pg. 26. The sashing is black, and there's not much black or really dark in the squares. It's a pretty effect and it really pops the blocks.
Thanks. I will check it up. I really like the idea of setting the blocks off a bit.
Your blocks are beautiful and so precise. Each one is truly a masterpiece.

Pictured are E-11, F-9, H-11, and K-10. E-11 is applique, F-9 is hand pieced with applique, H-11 is machine and hand pieced. K-10 drove me nuts every time I looked at it in the book. As pieced by J.S. it is chaotic, and the print she used confounds whatever the design was. I changed it very little, really. The orientation is different on two of the squares in the 9-patch center, and I left the center square plain. I've made replacements for 8 of my original blocks and have sashed and put together A-D, 1-4. I'm liking it! Edna (156, 0, 0, 3274)
Your blocks as usual are beautiful! I really like the way E-11 looks in green. And your version of K-10 is really attractive; it makes the design stand out. At first I thought J.S. referred to me, and I was certain that I hadn't done that block yet! LOL I will copy your version when I get to that block!
How do you decide which blocks you will work on? I started with row one, block one and have finished the top row. Did you purchase the book or are you using the software?
Welcome, Cara! I started with the easiest blocks, then worked my way into the more difficult ones. I often chose 2 or 3 blocks that were similar in concept and did them at the same time. When I started, I hadn't appliqued for 17 years, and I had never hand pieced or paper pieced. DJ has been a wonderful learning experience. Edna

I'm back from Colorado. I had a great time there; visited with my mom, bought a car for my daughter, went to a concert, spent time with my sweetie. I'm posting a photo of my DJ top, so far. I still plan to add a narrow sashing strip around the perimeter, and a strip to become scallops.
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
WOW!!! Edna, this is gorgeous! I love it! After watching your beautiful blocks being posted these past months I never dreamed they would come together so nicely. Seeing your finished quilt top is encouraging me to step up my pace. I hope mine turns out as nice.
It is SMASHING Edna!! The character of each block stands out so well. What a beautiful job! I really think you HAVE to make the triangles LOL. Take a break and give it some thought ... and thoroughly enjoy your vacations.


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