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I got started on my blocks this afternoon. This is so much fun that I don't want to stop! Pictured are C-12, K-2, M-12, and I-3. Also completed but not pictured are A-6, M-10, and C-3. Yes, I used my artistic license to interpret K-2. Mrs. Hansen (7,0,0,177)
Modified on 2-22; I removed the first pictures I posted full size, replaced them with smaller images. Pictured are C-3, A-6, K-3, M-5, E-8, E-9, J-4, and D-13.

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you're doing sooooo well. Fast and beautiful. It's incredible. Jane's is heavy on pinks, reds and browns ... just touches of blue and lacks purple. Was it maybe not a CW color? In any case, blues and purples would balance the whole, you're right. How about doing some appliqué, dear??? The count doesn't rise so quickly on those :P (does it show how jealous I am of your progress??)
WOW! You are really coming along! Can you believe you've done 17 already? Good job!

I promise, Carmen, it's going to slow down here. This is supposed to be a weekend with company, weather permitting, and my company demands most of my time and attention. I have prepared two of the bases for applique blocks. I haven't done any applique since 1990, and am not just real anxious to jump in there. Inevitable, I know, but the piecing is more my forte. Pictured are F-4, J-2, J-6, and J-7. My cutting and pressing areas are in the basement, and I had intended to sew there, too. But I love sewing at my dining room table. I'm calling the numerous trips up and down those stairs my "Dear Jane Workout." I'm only 5'1", and hoping that Jane Sickle didn't resemble Jane Fonda too much;-) Edna (21, 0, 0, 473)
Your blocks are stunning! I HOPE to get some triangles done today. I guess I've been lazy this week.
Don't worry about slowing down ... its ok. Actually, I LOVE you for slowing down! I know I'm repeating myself, but your blocks are the cuttest little things around. I look at them once and again and they really make me want to go ahead with mine. Have a beautiful weekend, there is life beyond quilting, and enjoy your company.

First, I want to thank Carmen for suggesting that I start doing some of the applique. The last time I appliqued I had never heard of freezer paper technique, never imagined using starch. What a difference! I enjoyed doing some applique this weekend; it's a companionable thing to work on while my company reads... And it did slow down the growth of my count. A little. Pictured are A-7, A-8, B-1, and B-13. I tried to keep up with reading the posts to Dear Jane over the weekend and honestly you ladies had me rolling on the floor! Edna (25,0,0,506)

More applique. I want to mention that I still haven't done any paper piecing, but D-9 almost made me cry. I can work in 4ths and 8ths easily, 16th a little less easily, but some of the measurements on D-9 looked like 32nds to me. I overcut some, undercut others, had to do a little ripping and trimming. If you haven't already done your D-9, by all means PAPER PIECE IT!!! Pictured are C-1, C-9, D-9, and E-1. Edna (29,0,0, 564)

True confessions here: My company was tired and needed some rest so wasn't very demanding of my time. We cooked a little, went to a church fund-raiser, visited the library, watched a video together. And I did a lot of sewing. I hope everyone else did, too;-) Pictured are E-10, F-13, H-12, and K-7. Having way too much fun here, Edna (33,0,0,588)
Dear Edna, they are all absolutely beautiful. WOW. Ok, you no longer make me feel like wanting to go ahead with mine. You make me feel like I should throw mine away! I love the way you don't feel tied to using the background on every block. They all look prettier than Jane's because a few that I had discarded as "ugly" suddenly look very nice in your version. Congratulations on your fantastic work. Ummm ... you do know nobody is going to believe you when we hear "I'm not going to get any sewing done this weekend" anylonger, right? LOL I was even starting to feel a bit of remorse for working on my quilt while I knew you couldn't work on yours ... and look at the result! I think if you would have been able to get "some" sewing done, you would have finished your top this weekend! Have a great week. Glad to have you back! We missed you.
My, my! You have really been busy! And, they are fantastic! I was rolling in the floor too! Isn't this the BEST group?
I think groups work out nicely when they have a good leader. Get it? :)
You are too funny!


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