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Hello, does anyone know anything about the Electric Quilt 7 programme - santa brought it for me, but am afraid to open the packaging as It may be difficult to use and it may have to go back to santa - has anyone any info to shine on my Christmas problem

Many thanks


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I got one about a year ago.  Don't be afraid to open it.  If I can learn it anyone can.  I downloaded it onto my lap top then started playing with the program.  You can do sooooo much with it.  Just start playing with it.  There is a help section to guide you, and tutorials.  Then you also have the book if you run into problems.  It really is not as hard as it looks.   I have designed quite a few quilts on it.  I even draw a block I would like to use, tell it what size I want it and it makes the pattern for me.  Believe me, once you learned it, you will enjoy it.

Good luck, let me know how you made out and if you have any questions, I will be glad to try and help.


Hi Jane, many thanks for your reply re Elec Q Programme - unfortunately I bottled out and it has gone back, I just dont think I could do the prog justice - I am not into design just a good follower - if you know what I mean.  I was afraid I would spend more time learning the prog. and I would not have done much quilting 0- I thank you so much for your encouragement and reply - hope you are enjoying your quilting and designing at the moment - off tomorrow to Lancashire - a reunion of parents from one of my sons school - lots of catching up to do - smile hope I will recognise everyone (smile) bye for now - Marianne 

It is an excellent program! I have used Electric Quilt 5, 6 and now 7 and I think it is the best. I would recommend that you work through the lessons in the Instruction manual and watch the videos that are accessible in the program. There is also excellent information available on the EQ website. I have contacted them on occasion for additional information and they have been very helpful.

My kids have also played around with the program and had fun designing blocks and quilts.


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