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I am still for help with Eq6.  any ideas of cheat books or on line resources.  I don't have internet right now.  I got tired of dial up as that is all that is available in our area.  Other than sattelite.  That is too pricy.

I can take my laptop to the library and do any on line courses there...g

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EQ6 will works without internet, of course you can do much more with internet.

You can get through the manual without internet.. Same for other draw programs.

Also, the oldest computer systems have paint program Draw that does most of EQ6,

libraries have books for Paint/Draw programs..  Once I was good with EQ5 funds happened to

take in internet. Tutorials work on internet but if paying lower price the videos don't come out very well.

OK, you have instruction books with the EQ5? Pace yourself, 2 pages at time, library good place.. You will get hooked once you've gotten into the book.. It took me some time to tackle the book, felt it was a chore..

Enter the disk, and serial number that comes with the pkg.. Rest is your time.. If reading not your favorite, they have a tutorial with the program, take notes..

In your pkg is a 1-800 # to call for questions.. Remember just time consuming at 1st.. If no book contact the company.. They are online also.. I'll help cause have the program here, and books can refer to it if questions. Keep in mind the program has some cliché..

Don't need internet for EQ5 that's just extra if you want to send or print pattern.

Internet for importing new fabric cues.. To learn not needed!

Now, if your computer has dial up possible it won't take EQ5.. Failing that

older version computers come with either Corel Draw or Paint program, which

does as much things free as EQ5..  I took class in Paint program after EQ5 and

discovered I wasted money on EQ5 when had it all on my machine. Of course,

if you are near a local library or used book trade exchange might find some books on

Paint program. To print something we know requires a printer, or save it on your machine and

take the saved item to print shop for pennies to print it.. It's easier than you think

just a question of finding time to pace yourself daily, weekly and read one page or two..

Library laptop this is what I discovered, anytime I wanted to open an account with say amazon, Netflix, kobo, or simply download free a windows pkg for 3 mths, didn't work for I needed to open an email, in trying so it

wasn't possible because needed a secure website, in other words an account with shaw or MTS. Of course it will work for internet and shopping, doing research on web. If you try to do your taxes  for example online it will deny you the opportunity because not a secure setting.  Keep in mind that corel draw or paint program comes free with your machine and not attached to the internet program, therefore will work alone.


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