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When I open my spool I cut the little sticker with the color number out with scissors and slide it into the hole. It forms to the side of the hole because of the plastic coating on it. Then when I need to order more thread I can push the little label out of the hole with the end of a pencil. I haven't had any of them fall out on their own so far. Teri writes her numbers on golf tees and puts them in the hole when she is not using them. Hope this helps.
Absolutely love the thread and find the lack of "thread dust" a joy! Wish I had discovered Essential Thread before I spent a hundred or so on another brand (well it was on sale for a great price...probably because it "sheds"). But, I bought two sets of Essential Threads to try and am so pleased I think I'll have to stock up...Kind of like Patricia - give myself a gift!!!
I use this thread for my hand quilting. I just use pure bees wax on it. It stays strong and does not twist. I have had quilts with lots of wash & wear and this thread has held up perfect. Just remember to use pure bees wax. Lori
I haven't had a chance to try the large cone of Essential thread yet but anxious to try it. With all the positive comments I have read about the thread, I may be ordering a wagon load of it soon. I have a Viking Designer I and a Bernina 440 and have been told to avoid cheap threads such as Coats & Clarks. I will be trying this however. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback comments I have read on this forum.
The Essintial threads are great! They're made well, last a long time and cost so much less than most other brands...I just bought a Pfaff Grand Quilter with frame and they said I had to use signature thread only...so I swallowed hard and bought 1 spool on sale mind you for 11.00 (wanted varigated but that was 27.00). Then when I read my instruction book I noticed there was NO WHERE that said I could only use that brand...never again...my Essential thread works perfectly!!
My Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter is 1 year old today. I like it very much. I too was told to use Signature thread, but I use and have good luck with Coats and Clark (machine quilting) solid and varigated thread.
Hi CT. I use your essential thread on a regular basis; either on my regular machine when piecing or on my long arm machine when quiting. The colors are great for the long arm machine quilting. But..........I really wanted to tell you about our guild christmas challenge. I am on the committee for deciding what we do. We wanted to create more enthusiam toward our Christmas Challenge this year.............so we decided to use "color" as our motivation, plus additional prize encentives. So, I ordered from you 50 spools of essential thread in lots of color groups. This Friday each lady will get to pull out a spool from a brown paper bag, and whatever color of thread she gets that is her challenge color. We will have 3 categories......accessories (jackets, purses, etc.), wall hanging up to 40 x 40 or quilt size (bigger than 40 x 40). Her challenge is to make something in a monochromatic fashion.......... I'll tell them "don't let that word scare you." If blue is the color they get; they can use ANY blue from very light to very dark in their project, Isn't that fun. We give out the thread this Friday. I'll let you know their response.
Judy, what a fun idea! I can't wait to hear how they respond! Can you post photos once the projects are made?
I posted a negative comment regarding the thread in December. I could not figure what was wrong with my thread breaking on my Voyager 17. The other threads I used did not break, but then they started acting up. So I went back to my problem and figured out it was my tension knob, had the manufacturer send me a new one, and now it works wonderfully after I loosened the tension some. I have beautiful quilts with this thread and so thrilled with the price I will keep on ordering it. I have been using it on my regular sewing machine with no problems and glad I figured out it was mechanical vs thread quality. I stand corrected and apologize!
Thanks for the comment Terri. It is good to hear that it was your machine and you can use it now!
Just got my first order from CT. I ordered the set of threads with the black, white and greys in it. I love the quality of the thread - it is strong, yet, goes through my Pfaff very nicely. It also doesn't seem to be "linty" in the needle. I'll order another set now that I know - get some colors... but it is very nice thread.

The fabric I got is also very nice quality and the colors are muted - but awesome.

Thanks CT for making this affordable! Don't change a thing for us!
I discovered this thread on another forum...It was highly recommended so I thought I`d try it...I am so glad I did....sews great with very little lint....


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