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Hi.  I'm new to commenting here.  I just took a class from Carol Ann Waugh called "Stupendous Stitching" on the Craftsy website.  Carol is a fiber artist and stated that she "loves" Essential Thread!  She used it in her class project.

Can anyone tell me what threads were in the old set that I think was called Fiesta? Thanks!


I like this thread for piecing.  But it doesn't do a good job for free motion,  at least not on my machine.  My Janome Horizon is very fussy about thread for free motion.  Get a lot of missed stitches if I don't use one she likes.  so far I have found Gutterman to work about the best,  but haven't tried all of them.  But I do use the Essential Thread for all other sewing.

Sherri, I have learned that different machines prefer different threads.  I have had no problem with using Essential Thread on my Bernina.  Sometimes I do need to adjust the top tension a bit, but otherwise it has been working fine.  A friend of mine can only use a Mettler thread when she does her free-motion quilting on her Bernina.

This may have been asked before but can this thread be used horizontally in my machine? I've done it but wondered due to the way it's wound on the spool, should it be used vertically???? i recently had my bobbin making a rattling noise and the top thread (Essential) snagging a bit once in awhile (it was getting near emtpy).


I love Essential threads. But I just got a black spool that is shredding. It is the first spool that I've ever had a problem with in the several years I've been buying from CT.

Hi Linda, please call us at 800-574-6454, we'd be glad to help you with this issue!

-CT Admin

I tried to fmq on my pfaff expression 3.2 and the thread breaks and shreds. Has anyone else successfully used this thread on a pfaff machine? I would love to be able to use it. Thanks!


I've been using CT Essential threads on my 35+ year old Pfaff for years and have only had 1 spool of thread give me problems. And that was just this year in January. As a matter of fact I rarely use any other thread. Sorry I'm answering several months after your inquiry. Just saw it. Good luck. I highly recommend the thread.

It would be really helpful if there was a way to correlate thread colors with fabric colors.

For example, I am quilting a modern designed quilt made with mostly CT pastel solids and one Mirage mottled fabric.  I want the thread to blend well with each of the colors.  If there were a chart that said solid 3949 (sprout) would blend with Essential thread 20992 Kiwi (or whatever) it would be really helpful.  I realize your products change, and you would need to keep such a chart updated as new lines come in, but for those of us who are purchasing your fabric from the basic lines might find this helpful.

I know when you offer a new fabric line, you list thread.  Please consider doing this with your basics line.

Hi there Cat Lady, thanks for writing! Yes we are definitely working on matching all of our Quilter's Candy Basics with our Essential Thread. Some names and colors will be changing and new colors are being added. :) We will have a downloadable PDF that you can print off and keep so that you will always know what color to reorder to match perfectly.

In the meanwhile, did you have a question about any particular fabrics or threads? 


CT Admin

Thank you. So far i have been able to match what I have been quilting with some of the Essential Thread that I hav


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