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I love the essentials thread. Whats even better my voyager likes it too. Wonderful color selections, no thread breakage, and great price.
Connecting Threads has the best thread. There is hardly any lint to speak of. I am a stickler for delinting & oiling my machine after I have used up 5 bobbins of CT thread. It works very well. Using other threads in the past, I have had to service my machine every 2-3 bobbins. What a difference. After cleaning, I just fill up 5 bobbins for the next stint of sewing. I love it because I don't have to remember when I cleaned last. More brain power & room for designing & sewing. TA DA!!!
It is good to see so many have such good things about the CT threads. At first I was hesitant in ordering it but reading these reviews made me order 4 sets! I am looking forward to getting it and trying it. The thread I have been using for quilting has been producing a lot of lint. I will be letting all of you know how I like it. Mary in Montana
I love the wallpapers, but can you make wide-screen versions too? (next time if you can't alter these).

I quite simply love Essential thread. It is smooth, and both my machines love it also. My longarm quilter also uses this thread, so I just tell her the color and number and she quilts my quilt with it. It's a win win situation. I am wanting some new sets. I'm on the "will notify" list and can't wait to get my hands on this. I have recently began machine applique, satin stitch, this thread is wonderful for that as well as piecing.
I'm having trouble with Essential thread breaking in my BabyLock Jewel quilting machine. I have changed needles (using 18 had a 16), have checked the tension. In fact, I got the bobbin tension gage for checking bobbin tension. What else can I do??? I did use 501 spray to hold the top in place. Good thing this is just a practice/play piece.
Hi Norma, every once in awhile I'll hear about a machine that isn't compatible with Essential thread, or some other brand. So I have a couple of questions: It sounds like you might be free motioning? Is that correct? Have you pieced with the same thread and the same needle without any problem? We have one employee that can piece just fine with it, but her machine is extremely picky about which brand of thread she uses with free motion because there is much more tension on the needle if you move very quickly (because the feed dogs are no longer in control).
I just discovered Essential Thread in my long search for good quilting thread. After reading many glowing reviews, I rushed to the website to order my little heart out -- only to discover that nearly all of the thread sets are currently unavailable. :( So sad!! Any word on when they will be back?
Never mind... Called customer service and the lady very nicely reminded me the thread could be ordered individually. Sheesh, I feel so silly not realizing that!
Mae, I'm so sorry we were out of stock when you discovered us! It's very popular and takes awhile to get more in stock. I just checked with our buyer and it looks like we're expecting a big shipment by the end of July.
Somewhere in the blog pages - mention has been made of variegated threads - if I remember, there used to be some years ago. Are these coming back? And how about 'denim' color?
Thanks - Aida
Oh-wow... wow. I just got my first order. Here's my experience putting it in my HV 875Q for piecing and quilting:

OK, it does have just a teeeeeny bit more lint than the previous brand I had. I'll put that right up front for completeness' sake. BUT -- that brand would cost me about $15 for the same quantity of thread. And the lint I see really is almost nil, less than almost any other I've used. Overall it is working so beautifully in my machine. Never a break at any speed. And the colors -- website photos can't do justice to the color quality. Now I know why people love this stuff! The only problem is that I just didn't order enough the first time. :)


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