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I haven't tried your thread yet, but I have heard good things about it. I am going to need some hand quilting thread soon, does ct carry any hand quilting threads? I didn't see any when I was browsing the on line store.
Hello Everyone, I have some questions about the Connecting Thread 100% Egyptian Cotton thread. First of all, has anyone used it, and secondly, what is size 50/3? Delete Comment
What do you use it for? Quilting??? I have been using blendables for some of the quiling that I do. Can you use it in your embroidery machines?
I'm new to the forum, so I hate to complain about something that everyone else seems to love, but I've been really disappointed with it. I have used the Essential thread to piece and it breaks in my machine and leaves so much lint that I'm afraid it will damage the machine. My mother uses it and loves it.

I just recently used Signature thread to quilt and I loved it. Barely any lint at all.
Question on the threads. i used some cone thread purchased here and tried it on my upright holder on my sewing machine. the thread kept going under the cone and causing me problems. i finished the project anyway. the baby quilt next worked on, i used the pastel threads, put those on the separate thread holder set on my table top behind my machine. taht worked well enough. but how are we supposed to use these larger threads??
I will add that i used 75/11 quilting needles and the thread broke. i changed to 90/14 quilting needles and that helped a lot.

i don't like the cone ones so far,only due to difficulty using. I tend to like Rayon threads best.
I'm glad you posted. I was using 75/11 needles, so I will try the 90/14 next time and see if that helps the lint as well. I'm thinking maybe the needle size was wearing on the thread more??
Just a suggestion for you -- you could get a thread net that fits over your cone of thread and keeps it from unwinding too fast. Can be found with serger supplies and in the notions department of most fabric/sewing departments. Hope this helps your thread issued with cones.

Sarah from Indiana
I received by thread this week, and it great. You get a lot of thread for your money. The colors go with so many of my applique projects.
I've enjoyed the colors I've used so far. But I need HELP! I'm nearly finished quilting a wedding gift and have run out of a color that is not currently available in single spools. I purchased one of the collections and used the Caramel color - 20865 - and need another spool of that. I don't really want to purchase the whole collection again just for that one color. Does anyone have a spool I can buy?
I do agree (and have suggested via phone) that the spools need a mark somewhere to indicate what color they are. After the plastic wrap is removed there's no way of knowing.
Glynnis, I just received the Neutrals and Country collections. I will check when I get home to see if I have it.
I appreciate your checking for me. Thanks!
Glynnis, aren't you the lucky one! I have a brand new spool of Caramel 20865. Email me at kbrenner@gvtc.com and we'll work out getting it to you ASAP,


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