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I think it would be great for handquilting. It's a nice weight - not too light. In fact, I think it's a tad too heavy to piece with - for my tastes but people do. Good luck, Deb
I've used it for handquilting and like it.
I buy several spools at a time and use it mostly for machine piecing.
Joyce, Whenver I use regular thread for hand quilting I sometimes run it through some bee's wax or a product called Thread Heaven, although sometimes the latter does make things a little slippry. The bees wax will give a little bit more strenth to your thread.

Most of the time though, I just use it right off the spool. I have been using a lot of the varigated theads lately for my hand quilting and cannot always find 100% cotton that has been glazed for had quilting. If you find the thread breaks more, try using shorter lengths. I have a friend that says 18" is too long. Hope this helps.
I asked for the thread for my Birthday. The colors are beautiful. I was so excited to use it on my longarm for machine quilting and cannot due to thread breakage on it. I went back to my Signature and it did not break. I tried different spool colors, but it still broke. I just got my machine back from my dealer and the timing and tension was fine. When I used the thread on my regular sewing machine to quilt, it did just fine, but not on my longarm. Has anyone else had any trouble on their long arm quilting? The products from Connecting Threads are wonderful, but am dissappointed with it breaking.
I also had trouble with the thread breaking on my longarm. It helped some to loosen the top thread tension a little more than usual. Oterwise the thread is great.
I like it for machine quilting on my Janome, but I also have breakage problems on my longarm. I'm sure I could make it work but since I already have a wide variety of threads that work with no problems I will just continue to use it on my domestic machine.
I just got a few sets of this thread for Christmas, and I am very excited to use it! Hopefully there will be no problems with it in my short arm quilter. I normally use poly embroidery, but I want to give this a try. I've been told over and over that all cotton everything in a quilt is the best. I'll let everyone know what I think as soon as I get my next quilt loaded on the frame. It won't be long!

Happy new year everyone!
I have been using Essential Thread since I first saw it in the catalog and I love it also. When ever they have a new group of colors, I cant wait to get them. Its so cool to have all of that thread and not have to go out and find matching thread at the fabric or quilt shop. I have it all right here at my fingertips.
I use the connecting threads on my long arm with no problems.....I had to adjust the tension some, but now it works like a dream.
I asked for Essential threads for Christmas. I have a number of them now and can't wait to use them!
I absolutely adore these threads, I have been collecting the different colors since they first came out. Then for Christmas I made almost all of my gifts and did not have to go out and buy one spool of thread I had every color I needed for every application. I used it for basic sewing, machine quilting, decorative machine sewing, and machine applique. I was happy with every project I used it on.
I love this thread! I've told several quilting friends about it, they've purchased it, and they love it too. You can't beat the price and the selection of colors is very good too. I recommend it to everyone.


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