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Could CT laminate material be used to make outdoor flags????  Did I enter this in the right place??

I am wondering if Connecting Threads ever considers producing (much) larger runs of the "feature" fabric than the companion fabrics for their fabric lines.  It seems that the feature fabric frequently runs out right away, and when that happens, I'm really not that interested in purchasing the rest of the line, because it's missing the "pop and sizzle" of the fabric that ties it all together.

Good idea Lindsey Ray.  I have the same problem when the feature fabric has run out.

I just love CT fabric....so rich in colour and the feel is so fine!! I am so glad that CT is such a great company with awesome help!!

On the downside :(

My credit card may have to go in the burn unit :(  Gets hot at times :)))

Thank you CT for being here....

Just wanted to say thank you CT for such fast delivery or your awesome fabrics..

I ordered on Apr. 26 and it is here in Ontario on May 1st....THANK YOU!!

As well as CT fabrics, I love your threads. I recently tried quilting with your Essential Pro threads and it is great. I do have a problem I could use some help with. I have lost the instruction sheet to the Homegrown Hot Pads kit I bought several months ago. The cutting instructions would be useful so I can make the best use of the fabrics. Thanks

Needing to hit the free shipping dollar limit, I ordered the clearance Fanciful Wreaths.  When I received it, I immediately ordered more as the red is so beautifully rich and will definitely POP any quilt or project I use it in.

Take a look before it's all gone!

When CT first proposed adding "designer" lines of fabric, I was concerned that these would gradually begin to take priority over the "in-house" collections.  As a Canadian consumer for a number of years, price is paramount especially when duty, shipping and dollar exchange fluctuations are taken into consideration.  I can buy designer lines at local quilt stores for less than those now offered by CT with flannel collections perhaps being the exception.  I now see more and more of these designer lines and few clearance sales of these items.  I love your own fabrics (that's what attracted me to your website in the first place) and would like to see these representing the majority of your offerings in the future.  I wonder if others feel the same way.

I'm with you.  Perhaps the folks at CT are running out of design ideas.  I can understand--I run out of ideas, LOL.  Until I see something that sends me in the right direction (inspiration).  It has to be hard to design lines on deadline.  ??  Don't know.

I mirror Linda's sentiment.

I was initially taken aback when I saw some fabric cost almost double the amount I was used to buying from CT, then realized they were carrying designers.  Having said that, being in California, the designer cost through CT is still less than the amount I'd pay in local Quilt Shops (when not on sale or clearance.)

I will continue to shop CT's own line, not only for the cost but the quality I've grown to enjoy!

Please continue to concentrate and grow the CT line and thank you for keeping your fabric so affordable.

Well....I loved the Hampton Hues (I love corals, period).  As a matter of fact, I had just built the perfect quilt with the clearance fabrics all picked out and it was *gorgeous* and was about to order, and they just ran out of the large floral....WAAHHHHH!!!

LOL.  Still, a bad day fabric shopping is still better than a good day at work.  You snooze, you lose.  I don't usually buy until I have a good pattern I want to try.  FInally found a pattern I want to make and the fabric sold out, LOL.  My luck.

Over the years, I have liked many of the CT lines.  Some, though, I haven't cared for.  There were periods when I didn't like any that were offered, but mainly because of the colors. (I am not into blues, except for accenting.)  Although I like all colors, some I only use for accents.  I'm more into earthy colors than neonish brights or brights in general.  I like traditional patterns and rich colors, earth tones, typically, and love historic repro fabric.   I also find 30s fabric interesting and cutsy stuff (but have a hard time figuring out how I'll use the cutsy, novelty-type stuff).

Frankly, I would buy the Yosemite Park line if it were in regular cotton instead of flannel.  I don't care to quilt flannel, since i have just a small machine.  Flannel on the back is okay, but not all over.  Just me...


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