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First, let me say I have really liked most of the fabrics I have received from Connecting threads.

I do have one concern though. I purchased a fat-quarter sampler of the Impressions of Kyoto fabric line, with plans to do some EPP. While I truly love the colors, I was disappointed to find that many of the patterns have been printed onto the base fabric using a -for lack of a better term- "rubberized paint." I am most familiar with this "paint" being used on some white-on-white, or cream-on-cream types of fabric. I have found this type of printing design to be very difficult to sew through, especially if I am doing any handwork at all, either hand quilting or piecing. I would hope that CT will take this into account in future production, esp. since I doubt the rubber paint is an organic product.
Yes...that is exactly what I noticed, a "rubberized paint". I've never seen this before and not sure I like it. Is it unique to the Kyoto line? I want to prewash the fabric but am nervous if it will peel or flake. Also, I was planning on making the Hugs & Kisses quilt as a shower gift for a coworker and don't want to put in the time if it's not going to be fabulous. Ugh, what to do?
Angela, I washed my Kyoto fabric before I started doing the EPP. Have not had any problem with it flaking off. The only problems I have ever had with this type of "print" is that it can be very hard to sew by hand, either piecing or quilting. To be fair, a lot of companies use this process, especially for their "white on white" or "cream on cream" prints.
Thanks for responding...the only thing I would hand sew is the binding so I guess I'm OK. I just haven't seen it before. Glad to know it's not uncommon.
Angela and Cat Lady, I just read further down. Good to know it washes ok. I'll check with our mill to find out what they did differently to make this feel like a different texture, and I'll get back to both of you.

Hi Karen,

I dove into this kit and have now washed all my fabric and started cutting. The "paint" effect definitely softens up with washing. The only one I'm still not sure about is the Floating Blossoms chocolate...which of course is the one I ordered yardage of as the backer. The teal is done in dots which just didn't come across in the pictures. At any rate, I'm happy to be moving forward with my quilt.

Thanks so much for responding.
Now that I know that your fabric is all made in the USA I am ordering from you, starting today.

Thank you.

Lisa vancor
I just want to say I love CT fabric. Im now working with the baby flannel and i love it. BUT congrats on the New Lines........oh my goodness.......how awesome.......I love them all.........
Keep up the good work...
Mari Yarrish
Mariclaire: I ordered a kit with flannel, which I haven't used before for quilting. Maybe you can give me some advice. Do you prewash flannel? I always prewash other cottens, but flannel shrinks so much. What do you recommend? Lynne
THis is the first time Ive made a quilt with flannel too. so far I did wash and iron the flannel, and its all cut out. It came out really good, after the washing. I didnt find it to shrink any more than the usual cottons. No prob. THis weekend I'll be working on the quilt, as the baby is due in ear;y September....... Its been a busy summer. Ill let you know how it turns out.
have a great weekend
I have been buying CT fabric for awhile now. I love their fabric. Most of my quilts go to the soldiers in Iraq and Afhganistan. I find the thickness is much appreciated by them. They send letters back telling how appreciative they are. Even though the days are hot over there the nights are cold.
I so much appreciate the fact that it all is made in the USA also.
Thanks for you nice comments Mary!


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