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Well shut my mouth - I just found some flannel. It is baby and two reds... not my choices, but I may order some of the red to get a chance to see what your flannel is like. I use a lot of flannel though and could use more color choices...

Keep up the good work!
I too fell in love with my first order of fabric from CT. I am a new quilter, but would like to purchase CT flannel for a quilt. Would love to see CT create a line of flannel fabrics in the browns of a cabin or folk quilt style.

LOVE this fabric. Am a happy new quilter with my growing CT stash!!!

I have been ordering CT fabrics when they are on sale, thinking they'd supplement the stash I already have. However, I find that the CT fabrics are definitely of better quality, so I have not really incorporated them into the stuff I've already started. I will use my CT fabrics for quilts that I hope to pass on as 'heirloom' to my granddaughter. I will be ordering some more as soon as I soon as my budget allows me to.
Hi, I would just like to say that I agree with Susan - please keep in mind some light tone on tones for your lines. I see you did just that with the new Sweet & Sour line, thanks! I ordered some of the kanji prints & they are beautiful. I spoke to a friendly customer service person on the phone because I saw that the colors were different in the catalog & the website. She explained that the catalog is most accurate - just FYI.
I am probably a majority here but I would REALLY like to see a whole line of backgrounds in WOW, TOT, etc. I am not partial to patterned /colored/busy backgrounds.

Thank you for considering & reading my request.

That ^^ said:
I would like to add that I have almost every sampler that CT has put out, which is pretty significant. I have yet to find a bad batch(make that a single piece) among any of it. I like some better than others, of course.
The quality is excellent, both for applique (my first love) & piecing. I LOVE the idea I am spending my hobby money on American grown & American made. It is a RARE thing in today's market!

10 years from now, when you are a HUGE textile/fabric company, I am going to be bragging that I got in on the ground floor & bought the first line you ever put out! :)

Way to go CT!!

From one of your many fans!
Did I misunderstand something I read about CT going to the factories in other countries? Is CT fabric made in the USA or just grown in the USA? Karen, can you clarify?
Hi Rosemary, our cotton is grown in the US, but printed or batik'd in other countries. It's definitely not made here.
Thanks Karen, At least I know I'm not senile yet!! :)
I love CT fabrics! I've been using them for about a year. In reading some of the discussions I understand "wanting more". I only have a couple of local fabric stores but have to drive some distance to get to them. I would love to see more solids on your site, especially white. Hope CT will continue to grow and be able to give us a few more choices soon.
I'm working on my first C.T. project, "Backyard Fun Pillow Quilt" kit and neglected to record the coordinating thread colors. Does anyone still have this information available? Thanks!

Apologies if this isn't the correct forum/thread. I'm rather new and somewhat lost :)
Hi Ravenscorn - I sent you a message listing all of the colors.
Hi Karen -- just wondering -- is it possible to get the EQ6 download file for the 'Cottage Blossoms' or 'Jacobean Garden' fabrics? Many thanks! Anna


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