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I was just wondering where you purchase most of your fabric from for your quilts? Do you used all cotton? only quilt shop material? mixed ?whatever I can get my hands on? Online from CT?
I know this is a very contriversial topic not meant to say anyone is right or wrong for whatever they choose. I myself am disabled and have to get my fabric where I can. I make most of my quilts for small gifts, or missions in much less fortunate countries and they do not care if all my material comes from a quilt shop. I go to Salvation Army, thrift stores, garage sales, WalMart, and Joannes for my fabric. I used to go to Goodwill and Savers when I lived in Phoenix, AZ. I bought bed sheets for backing material. How do you get your material and what type of quilts do you like making most?

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I use mostly cotton that I get at a quilt shop or on line. I've used cheaper fabrics in the past. I find the better the quality of cotton the nicer the quilt is. I've bought fabrics from the big chains and sometimes I get it home and it is thin or frays alot. I've recently purchased fabric from CT and am using it in a project I just started. I understand your situation and would probably do the same just so that I can keep quilting.
Thanks Debbie I do use 100% Cotton most all of the time when I buy fabric thats what it is. I am guessing when I get it from Salvation army but as I go I get more of a feel for whats cotton and what is a mix. I have not had as good luck in thrift stores here in NY for fabric and I am also learning to be pickier on what I select at Walmart some is way to thin to use. I just have to do what I can afford and quilting is part of my therepy for depression. When I am quilting creating things I feel better about things. I have to keep busy or I get down after to long. I am homeschooling my teenager and am home alot so I am blessed to be able to spend time quilting when I am not working with my teen. I am a single parent so it does take chalenges to finance any extras and with winter it ev ern harder now with high heat bills. Its also so cold in my mobile home its hard to get started in a cold room. Well blessing to you Debbie.
I love CT fabric, but I'm lucky enough to live where there are all kinds of cute little fabric shops all over the place. I also purchase at JoAnns or WalMart-I'm not a "fabric snob", but I've learned to avoid thin or cheap fabrics because they just don't wear very well.

Something that I've done recently (because I was looking for specific patterns and colors) was to purchase long dresses or blouses at thrift stores (like Savers and Salvation Army) and cut them apart so I could utilize the fabric. Ebay is also one of my favorite places to get fabric and I have a "favorite store/vendor" there. She sells pre-cut squares in a variety of shades and she puts 4-5 coordinating colors together and sells them in groupings. So for example one auction might be 40-5 inch squares of "spring" colors or purples or greens etc. She picks great quality fabrics and blends them for me AND does all the cutting so even with shipping it's cheaper than me running around trying to match them and saves me tons of time. You can send me a message if you want more info on her.

Classified ads are also a great place to find people who are selling off their stash or cleaning out a closet etc.

OH!!! And register for the "Freecycle" group in your area too. Sometimes people just want to "get rid" of their fabric for free....I know I know...INSANE...but you never know!
I really appreciate you suggestion on "Freecycle" I am not sure they have heard of it here but in Phoenix it was a great resource. Thanks for the suggestion its great! I would appreciat you source for squares you mentioned if do not mind sharing it. Blessings, Deb

I FINALLY got my act together and added a link to my "Ebay" source for squares. Just go to my profile page and click on the link in the box right under my information. It's listed under One of my favorite ebay stores. Sorry it took me so long to get the info to you! She said to mention that anyone who mentions that "LeAnn" sent them would get some kind of discount on shipping too!
I use 100% cotton and purchase most of mine at quilt shops, Fabric Depot (Portland Ore.), online and CT. It is just a better quality fabric. When I used to work in a quilt shop the owner explained to me the differance of fabrics. It depends on the grey cotton fabric the fabric patterns are printed on. It's like bed sheets kinda....with 150, 200,250, 300 count threads etc. Walmart and JoAnns fabrics are usually printed on the lesser of threads which makes the fabric thinner and frays more. I do use JoAnn's fabrics when I am experimenting on a pattern or the project isn't going to become an heirloom etc....Like everyone on here will probably agree.....you can FEEL the differance.
Thanks so much Carol,
I understand the difference in quality of fabric but I just can not afford to buy material at $8 to $10 per yard its just not in my budget but I will consider trying to buy more from CT at @6 per yard when I can. Blessings Debbie
I get most of my fabric from either my LQS (local quilt store) or JoAnn's. I have not yet ordered any from CT but I'm very close to doing that...I love some of their fabrics. Do you have a "Craigslist" in your area? craigslist.com They have an area for "wanted" items. I, too, struggle with depression and quilting is part of my "therapy". I haven't figured out why, but there is something about working with fabric that soothes me. I just feel better after I have spent time in my sewing room.
Thanks Cathy for the Craigslist idea and my therapy with quilting I think is because I love to create things and see progress. I have low self esteem issues from constantly never measuring up to my parents expectations or goals for me so quilting and finishing a project gives me a sence of accomplishment. Also alot are gifts and for missions so I feel I am giving to bless someone else with my way of showing them Gods love through me. Blessings to you in your creating and I to am going to at some point buy some from CT when the winter is over and I have some money to spend on something but oil and heat expences. Deb
Hi Kingskidaz...if you shop online you may want to try texasquiltworks.com...currently they have fabric on sale for 3.49 and 4.95 and it's moda/rjr/benartex and others. I live just down the highway from Rockwall and know the nice owner and have been to her shop...a fun place. I don't know how reasonable the shipping charges are and all that stuff but you could email/and or/call about details.
Good Luck!
Thanks so much Tansy for replying. I am getting better at spotting better quiality 100% cotton made some mistakes in stuff to thin but alot of my material is nice quiality even though I bought it at Walmart and Joannes. My quilt guild friends all use quilt shop material I think but they must not be disabled on a fixed income orthey have husbands who work and they can afford to buy more expensive material. I am sort of looked down on here by some because I do not do really intriciate pattern or everything is not perfect but I am legally blind and I am doing my best and the ones I do turn out nice for someone with my disability. I really enjoy the quilting and I am 54 so in thirty years for me it will not matter is they are in perfect condition the one I made out of patriotic materials in a bricks pattern with white around each piece that I collected material from Walmart has had lots of wear and tear and I use it daily and really enjoy it. So I am not going to let my quilt shop guild intimidate me I may not show many quilts to them I make and give them away to charity or friends but I am still blessed to be able to create some nice quilts with my disability. Blessings Deb and can you add me to your friends list I do not know how to do that yet.not
I have purchased a lot of fabric in the last three years, but have done very little piecing and quilting. I am building a stash for future use while I have the income to do so. I have bought at my local quilt shop, at JoAnns & Hancock Fabrics here in town (Houston). I have also bought some fabric each year at Intl. Quilt Festival, some from foreign vendors (Japan & Australia). I also have bought from several on-line vendors, including CT. I usually buy one yard or one-half yard of fabric that I fall in love with. I try to stick to brand names to insure that I get good quality fabric. I make small quilts, wall hangings, baby quilts, lap throws, tote bags, etc. If I were making bed quilts I'm sure my buying would be different. Right now I'm buying polka dot fabrics and beige or light tan fabric. I will have a dedicated sewing room in my apartment very soon and I will then be able to make more quilts. I have also informed my employer that I wish to work less, no more overtime for me. I told my managers to let the younger people in our department learn to do what I do and how I do it. Probably all of you who work outside the home have had the same experiences; it seems us old workhorses on the job pull more than our weight and everybody just expects it or takes it for granted. Two thirty year old accounting clerks don't do as much work as this old (soon to be 60) lady. PTL


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