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I was just wondering where you purchase most of your fabric from for your quilts? Do you used all cotton? only quilt shop material? mixed ?whatever I can get my hands on? Online from CT?
I know this is a very contriversial topic not meant to say anyone is right or wrong for whatever they choose. I myself am disabled and have to get my fabric where I can. I make most of my quilts for small gifts, or missions in much less fortunate countries and they do not care if all my material comes from a quilt shop. I go to Salvation Army, thrift stores, garage sales, WalMart, and Joannes for my fabric. I used to go to Goodwill and Savers when I lived in Phoenix, AZ. I bought bed sheets for backing material. How do you get your material and what type of quilts do you like making most?

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Hi Kingskidaz!
Happy you are joining my friends~
As for where I buy my fabric. I do get it at the quilt shop and when we get a chance to go to other quilt shops I always bring home something. The biggest thing for me is to head right to the sale and clearance corner. It makes all the difference with how much I can get.... I do go online and check out lots of different places. They have some great sales if you keep checking. Once in awhile I am disappointed, but not often. I also have material from JoAnn's and Walmart. It's a matter of going through all of it and once in awhile you find something worth it. I love to find a good sale, if the fabric "jumps" out at me, I will get at the very least a yd. It use to be a 1/2 yd, but then I am sorry late on. I love to be able to get more than that, but can't always afford it. In fact usually can't afford it really, but when it's calling me,,,,,,,,,,,, what to do!?!? Well, buy of course!
I have never tried to get fabric from a thrift store, I will have to check into that more often. Never thought of it I guess. I am usually looking for a sweater or blouse when I go there. I have gotten several nice fabrics at CT also! My daughter came across a yard sale last summer they were selling tons of material, but it was the last day, so much of it had been picked over already. Next season I have to keep a better eye on that! I have been looking for old quilts, but not found any I can afford yet............... Bed sheets for backing is a neat idea!
"Bed sheets for backing is a neat idea!"

It is!! And as pretty as some sheets are these days, I'm sure they would also make great tops-especially whole cloth tops or for dying fabric for quilts. If one were to watch for "white sales" and closeouts at linen stores, it could end up being a very high quality and low cost way to go!
Being disabled I find it's easiest to shop online and have a few favorite places. FABRIC.COM has the largest variety of all types of fabrics (great if you sew clothes as well), Connecting Threads - have done a few kits for something inexpensive, Nixie Chicks - inexpensive WIDE fabric (cuz I hate piecing backs), Thousands of Bolts & Only one Nut - can get batiks for about $4-5.

I use 100% cotton only, mostly use traditional patterns (but would love to spread my wings and try landscape quilts), and love to drool at fabric from quilt shops. If money grew on trees - I'd be buying fabric by the bolt!!

I enjoy the FABSHOPHOP and can usually find some quilt shop that have sales going on. Fun to see what fabrics are popular in other shops & also a great way to get inspiration and new ideas.
When going to garage sales - I will often check for mattress pads. It's an inexpensive way to get batting for your quilts, especially when I am donating quilts - just adds some extra warmth.
That's a great idea that I had not thought of. Thanks!! Wow, we really do live and learn each day!!
Yes Im have used a mattress pad for batting but it was very heavy a nice thick quilt but a great idea thanks
I use 100% cotton. If you look at Connecting Threads weekly specials you can find good, quilt shop quality fabric for very little money. The fabric is wonderful. I have made several purchases from them. I like to buy it because they give free shipping for web orders over $50.00 also. I still buy a few things at Joanns. I get my muslin from Joanns and I use a lot of that. I never was lucky to find anything at the Goodwill store.
All my fabric purchases are first quality fabric, no blends. I do use some silk or wool. Mostly from quilt shops, brick and morter or online or catalog. I have never found anything that meets my quality standards at Wal-mart and very little at JoAnn's. Thrift shops and garage sales are a great place to pick up vintage fabrics and quilt related items.
Hi There:
Here on the East side in Portland, OR I go most often to Fabric Depot where they have sales. Usually once a month they have up to 40% off of some type of fabric so that's when I get most of mine. I use 100% cotton and usually prewash so the shrinkage isn't too bad. I can also get up to 108 in wide backing fabric. I go to a craft store a few miles away and get fabric there sometimes, but don't usually go to Joann's as I don't care for the attitude of some of the clerks - they act like they are doing you a favor to cut you fabric! Our nearest Walmart does not have fabric any more. My favorite quilts are for the babys or little kids. I just finished one for my youngest grandson and am starting another with some fat quarters I picked up at a sewing show last week-end.
Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions we all can learn more and more from each other. What works for me may not work for you but sharing our ideas is never a bad idea. I give away most all my quilts to charity or friends and family as gifts no heirlooms so I am not as picky as some are but thats for me to descide I do use 100% cotton most all the time occasionally there may be a little polyester in a backing fabric if I just can not find something else that works and I am short on money and need it finished. I just made a uneven nine patch today in a flowery print for the main color and green print to accent. I may add some other colors from the print as borders have not descided its about a long lap quilt right now without sashing so by the time I add the sashing it will almost be a small twin. Not sure what I will use for backing yet may piece it from scraps I have left over. Its really bright and springy looking. I wish I had a camera to take a pic and add it to this I will when I can. blessings, Debbie in NY
I use mostly cotton too. My favorite place to buy fabric has closed up shop in our area (Rhode island/Mass) - Fabric Place - I loved that place!. We don't have too many LQS in our area (at least that I've found yet). I have also had good luck with Ebay as other have posted. Great fabric and prices, but you just can't touch it before you buy it - part of the fun is the hunt for the perfect fabric. If anyone is from Rhode Island/Southern MA, and has a fabric store find - please let me know.

Have a great day everyone.
Hi, I am not from that area but was told this morning to go online and search "fabshophop.com to search for the shops in your (or any) area. I haven't searched yet but will later tonight...........


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