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Hello all


I'm new in here and trying to find my way around


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Hi Mountainquilter - where ar eyou from? I'm Becky from PA. I don't navigate around the site too much - i go on the "chat" and when someone feels like responding, they do, but not much. I go into the fabrics section, mostly, to see what's new and the patterns and kits.
Hi Mountainquilter - where ar eyou from? I'm Becky from PA. I don't navigate around the site too much - i go on the "chat" and when someone feels like responding, they do, but not much. I go into the fabrics section, mostly, to see what's new and the patterns and kits.
Hi Becky

I'm from Vermont. I like to visit quilt shops in PA, mostly around the Lancaster area. I also have many friends around the Pittsburgh area, but no quilting ones.

Hi, Mountainquilter!
I'm new here, too.
Recently, my dear husband (DH) and I moved to the Burlington area from the seacoast NH region.
What part of the state are you in?
Hi Ginger

I live in Lincoln, about 45 minutes south of Burlington.

I joined this forum a while back, but have not participated in many discussions because I am not sure just how everything works here. I'm finding new things here and there, but it takes time to explore and I don't always have alot of time.
Now regarding where you are from. I used to live in Vermont... actually for many years, and my son still lives there. I lived in Burlington briefly, but most of my time in Vermont was in Addison County. Family roots are all there. I now live in Texas.
Hi Sallie

what a surprise. I live in Lincoln, VT and have been on here for a while also, but have not navigated around too much. I have a sewing studio here in Lincoln and am designing patterns from my photographs. I just did a booth in Vergennes last weekend for Vermont Heritage Day. It was slow.

Where did you live here in Addison County?

I have always lived here in Vermont, but have many cousins in Texas, southeast of Dallas. they are visiting VT now.

Hope you get a chance to reply.

Sheila Masterson
Hello Sheila,

My two grand daughters went to pre-school in Lincoln, they live in Bristol. I have a cousin, actually the son of my cousin who married Tracy Masterson... if I'm not mistaken they live in Lincoln. We used to go swimming alot at Bartlett Falls. You didn't indicate the age group you are in, or I missed it. We are retired and over 60.

Vergennes may be a city, but I'm not sure anyone not from the area would know it was. I've done a craft show or two in the area. I even set up at Addison County Field Days... way back when, so I know it was a tough market, and sounds like it hasn't changed much.

I have only lived in Texas for six years, prior to that I lived for a while in Ohio. Lots of good and bad memories in Vermont. I lived in Lincoln for a year or two when I was but a toddler. I lived in Bristol for a long time. My uncle started the Trading Post on Mountain St.

Sure is a small world, isn't it? It is really cool to meet someone who knows where I'm from.

Have a great day... Sallie
It's even a smaller world than you think. Tracy Masterson is my niece, her husband Bret Combs is a real sweetheart and they have two nice kids.

You have probably seen me at some point at Addison Field Days, I've been working inthe sugarhouse for over 30 years.

My husband and I are actaully wanted to find some land in Ohio.

What is your last name?

We are in our early 50's. I am also retired.

was your uncle Ed Tucker?

Hello again,
Ed Tucker bought out my uncle, Wallace Newton... so Ed did not start the store. Of course when my uncle had it, it was a second hand store. Ed actually was a good friend... probably knew him since I was 7 or 8. They lived a couple houses from my grand parents on Munsil Ave. He was too nice a guy to die at such a young age.

So my name was Sallie Newton. Bret graduated with my son Sean Havey. Has the world got any smaller yet? I probably did Addison Field Days way back in the 70's. I think I might have been to Field Days in the 90's the last time... watching tractor pulls with Sharon Palmer.

My son just called a few minutes ago and I told him about you and he was sure you were probably related to Tracy somehow. If you want to buy land in Ohio, maybe you could talk to Sean. He lived in Ohio for more than 10 years.

Thanks... Sallie
This is all to funny. if you went to school here in Bristol, you probably wre a few years youger than my husband's brothers, and sister. Lawrence, Harold, Joyce and Bill Masterson. My husband came 10 years later.

so what took you from Ohio to TX?

we want to downsize and my husband likes Ohio, he likes to hunt. It's okay there. We have been spending 1 month a winter in South Carolina, don't know exactly where we want to land just yet.

We live about 1/4 from Bret and Tracy.
OK, my grand parents lived in Bristol, I was actually born in Bristol, Connecticut. I visited Bristol Vermont every year in July usually until I got married, then I moved to Vermont. That is where I raised my children. I only knew Tracy through Bret... I did not know any other Mastersons.

I have been divorced from my ex since the early 80's. I left Vermont after my divorce. I remarried 10 plus years ago. My kids both went to Ohio State and I moved out there when they were in school... that is where I met my current husband. When we talked about retiring, the goal was to find a place that was warm and near a military base, as my husband is retired Air Force. We are just south of San Antonio, so we surely found a place that was warm.


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