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Hello all


I'm new in here and trying to find my way around


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I was telling my husband, that we had been corresponding yesterday. He was wondering if you might have any cousins that might have gone to school at Mt. Abe as he had some Newtons in his class, graduated in '74.

We too are looking for a place a little warmer than here, although he still likes to be involved with maple sugaring, and they do that in Ohio too. At present we just rent a place warmer for a couple of months in the winter, til we find where we want to land.

we have been experiencing high temps and humidity up here for a little over a week now, night quite like the south but more than we usually have.

well off to do some errands and work in the garden a little.

you have a great day!
My great grandfather had three wives. His first wife had 5 children then she died and he married her sister who then had 3 more and then she died and he then married her other sister and she had 7... so there are lots of Newton children out there and probably just a few with the last name Newton. I am not aware of any cousin that I directly know that would have graduated in '74, but Ripton and E. Middlebury I think is where the family evolved from. I am sure there were many in Bristol/Lincoln/Starksboro area as well.

No sugaring going on here for sure, but there are lots of trophy hunters around here. The one down side I have not overcome here is I have to learn to garden like a Texan and I haven't got it figured yet. They have spring garden and fall garden.... no summer garden, it would burn up. Also we live where the soil is predominantly sand... totally foreign to my knowledge base. I used to really love my garden.


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