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Any Foundation Paper Piecers out there??
My 1st love in Quilting-
Happy Quilting

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Hi Quilt Dragon,
1st time I have EVER blogged. Sort of fun. Have 2 new books coming with help of Sally. Can't wait to get them.
Take a Mariners Compass pattern and make a Pot Holder out of the block. You will get the feel and have a pretty piece also. I give these to a lot of my friends. Just any pattern will do, to try out a new
happy Quilting,
Hi Joyce, just started blogging myself - my kids have officially ushered me into 2007; even got me on Facebook! The only problem I'm finding, if it is a problem, is since I only have a limited time off between the end of my holiday decorating business and the start of my landscape design business, so I planned to make a couple of quilts...that is in between creating my website and catching up on all the paperwork I put off during the summer! I've spent way too much time online in the past few days, but I really miss quilting during the rest of the year, so I'm making up for lost time. This past year a combination of osteoarthritis and some sort of muscle thing has limited my landscape work and certainly my quilting. I'm hoping that now that I feel better, I'll be able to get some quilting done AND landscaping. I'm sure the blogging will help keep me in touch with my quilting side!.
It's probably more easily described if you have a book, Those of us who have done it know exactly what Joyce is saying, but it might just be Greek to you! : ) I know Carol Doak is also known for her foundation paper piecing, but I haven't tried any of her patterns yet. If you go to your local quilt store and find a book by either her or Judy Niemeyer (although I'm not sure if she has books or only patterns) you could look through the information and see what all the fuss is about before you try it. It is a lot of fun and the results are usually sensational. My pattern for Sunflower Illusions came with the foundation papers. There's also a website on the pattern: quiltworx.com
I haven't checked it out yet because I only just noticed it (The pattern is sitting on my desk right next to me!)
The next time I'm at my quilt shop I'm looking for Bella Bella!
Good AM Quilt Dragon,
Seems like the older we get the more "Achy" things appear. LOVE being retired-
Have 2 GC-Boy 9 mos-Girl 5 years going on 20---Love sewing for them. Have you done a Landscape Quilt yet? In your business it would be so easy for you to design your own quilt. I have made 3 and just love them. I use a lot of Paint Sticks and Beads for embellishments. Quilt Show is in Pad. Ky. in April this year. If you get a chance to go or to any show, the ideas you get and what new is available to us is amazing. There is a lady there that does Portraits in Snippet of Material. Just neat. I have been trying to learn the Stack & whack method. Not doing so good. Mine looks Wacky!!
Reading Reynolds book now on her method, maybe this will help me.
Have a GREAT day,
Happy Quilting,
Hi Joyce, The aches are killing me - I'm used to working outside and lifting/moving whatever I want...I may be 60, but until last year, I didn't feel at all like it. Bummer...luckily my LH is very patient and helpful - couldn't do it without him. You must be having a blast quilting for your GC - I don't have any yet, but my daughter-in-law is pregnant (she's had some trouble in the past, so we're keeping our collective fingers crossed that 3's a charm) - more UFO's on the way! I have made landscape quilts, mainly with sports themes even though I'm not a sports nut, but my husband is. I also love embroidery and beading and have been doing it for years - mainly on quilted clothing. I actually bought the snippit book - dogs, right? I'm always looking for new ideas that will make things look cool and may be faster. I went the the Paducah show a couple of years after it started - I've heard that it's so huge now, it's hard to move. Luckily, the Mancuso brothers produce a NJ show every couple of years, so I can see all the new stuff and amazing qiults. In a past life (not so far past), I was a quilting teacher and judge, but it's been quite awhile and I'm a bit out of touch with things - like PP, for instance. I do as much strip piecing as possible, but have not done the stack/wack thing even though I have the book - too many quilt ideas...too little time! Have a geat day!
Joyce, feel free to start a Group in this community - I'd bet other FPP'ers would join right away!
I started out with one of Carol Doak's beginners books, then discovered M'liss Rae Hawley and her Mariners Medallions. Normally I'm content doing scrappy stuff, but these are crying for me to go to a really good shop with lots of coordinating fabrics so I can do justice to her fantastic patterns. I like that with Carol Doaks books, you can get a CD that will allow you to print out different sized blocks, M'liss Rae Hawley just has a different ambience, and I really like it. Paper Piecing is my cockatoo's favorite! He likes to shred every piece of paper as I tear it off, then push it all off of the couch onto the floor. He's a big help.
Maryjean, ahhhh a quilter after my own heart....go shopping for scraps...and as for your wonderful bird friend, he sounds like he's been speaking with my tuxedo cat!
I did a pineapple square, PP. Now I am doing a star and I keep getting weird results. Is there a rule like new piece always to the right or left or on bottom or top? I don't know why I cannot get this right. Any suggestions.
Hi All~
If I can chime in here, I am proud to say I just finished my second paper-pieced little gem and I think it turned out pretty good. My hubbys says I need to make a bed size quilt, in the same pattern, in the same colors. (I think he likes it). He knows I love to hand quilt and he's encouraged me to make this...one day but not just yet. Oh, but the blocks would be the standard 12" size, mind you.

I just posted the finished 'Pineapple Sorbet' (on my page) and I love the pineapple pattern. This is 17" finished and has 25 full blocks and 12 half-blocks (border). My son suggested I do THIS in a queen size bed...ummm, I'm not crazy, yet!

I am so glad tou love PP. Soooooooo many people HATE it.
Several ladies in my Quitl Club won't even recognize this as Quilting.
I do not like this new method with Freezer Paper PP. I have tried it
and find it is harder fo me.
I did a full size quilt of the Mariner Star. I could never have matched all the points with regular Applique.
Happy Quilting
Gwen, checked out your pineapple - it's beautiful! Great colors. And your sewing studio is amazing. I think most of us who check it out would be interested in moving in! LOL


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