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Any Foundation Paper Piecers out there??
My 1st love in Quilting-
Happy Quilting

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"A little bit of a challenge"???? I'd say with the RIGHT instructions it would be a "lotta bit of a challenge"...with the wrong ones...IMPOSSIBLE. I'm clueless enough to not even know if they were wrong in the first place!

I'd say to make something that big and that perfect you had to have the patience of Job and the skill of a diamond cutter. (Or REALLY good meds!)
The first time I tried it was on a BOM I downloaded from one of the fabric companies (I think it might have been RJR). They were such little squares I couldn't believe it was that hard to do! My problem was that I knew the concept but didn't have any experience with the application. I have since made a quilt from Judy Niemeyer's pattern Sunflower Illusions (I posted a photo of it on my page as "Chuppa Quilt"). It was a lot of work for a first time attempt, but she's an excellent teacher! I love it. I have a Christmas BOM (one of my UFOs) that has paper pieced houses. I haven't gotten back to it because my printer died and I just haven't hooked up my new one yet (probably because then I'd have to learn how to use it!) The method does produce some beautiful results! I think I'd like to try a Mariner's Compass that way some day.
Hi Charoltte,
Good choice-Mariiners Compass is a snap with this PP. Have done 3. All different color hues.
Seems like you just can't stop.
Happy Quilting,
Hi Sally,
OK-I have the site Do I order the $36.00 dollar book plus the $15,00 one??
Also is this the Foundation Paper Pieced. NOT the Freezer paper one?
Hi Sally,

Thanks a million. I will order this set ASAP-
Looking forward to it.
Happy Quilting,
Hi Sally,
I ordered the 2 book set yesterday.. Be here in a couple of days. No S&H charges.
Thank you so very much. I can't wait to get them. Like I don't have anything else to
work on. HAHA
Again, Thanks,
Happy Quilting,
Hi Sally,

Door bell just rang. Special Delivery. I got the 2 books from Bella.
Put a pot of coffee on. Looks like I'll be busy reading a few days. How do you ever pick????
How long did this take you? I usually work on 3 or 4 projects at once.

Thanks again for all your help.
One project at a time? Girl, we have to talk....
Hello Sally,
Goodness I have read the Bella Book twice. I am making a chart for my colors. Big
project. I set a goal for finish by end of this year. That is working with other projects in between.
I am doing Carnival. Browns, Golds, Beige, Greens and Creme.. Batiks and some Silks.
Thanks agian for your help.
Happy Quilting-
OK, I have to ask a 'stupid' newbie PP question - told you I was new at this PP thing. So far the only things I've done is from Paper Panache and you cut the pieces out and add seam allowances. Not foundation piecing as I know it or maybe I'm doing it wrong. IS there a difference? If so, what is it? Does anyone know about the Paper Panache site? I think I like it 'cause I'm a pictorial qiult geek and these are pictures. Looking forward to getting my brain un-cramped......
Hi Quilt Dragon,
Yes I love Paper Panche site. Foundation Paper Piecing that I do is-You have a printed numbered pattern.
For each number there will be a size that you have to have cut out of material and place that material on side
WITHOUT the printed numbers on it. You sew upside down. Put on #1 put on #2 and sew on the line that corresponds to #2. Keep cutting and placing in this manner. Leave a 1/4 inch all around, leave paper on until you finsh with the block you are working on.
Hope this helps
Happy Quilting,
Hi Joyce, That does make more sense - should I be doing the Paper Panache patterns in that way, too? Take the full sized pattern sections, then put the fabric on it like you described? Maybe _that's_ why I'm tearing my hair out! The quilt labels I made for my grand niece and nephew came out OK, but I think your advice would have helped _before_ I started them. Thank goodness fosr online blogs - now I'll do some more. Thanks!!!


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