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Hi all, I am in Fl for the month of June, weather great, friends sper but I have to admit I am missing my craft room just a little....anyone living in the orlando area?

Bye for now

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Hi Marianne,

As close goes when you're talking about the world-wide-web, I'm fairly close to Orlando in Sebastian which is about 100 miles to the east of you.
My brother and one of his sons (and family) live in Orlando so we frequently visit there and then of course relatives fly in to the airports there and so on. I have a son and granddaughter arriving from Virginia in a a couple of weeks.
So what are you doing here for a month? Vacation?

The weather may be great as a rule unless the air conditioning breaks down which ours just has. Terrible thing, how we become dependent on such things. We are in agony. Oh, not really, but it is rather grim.
The necessary part won't be in until Friday. Sigh.

You may be missing your craft room but at least you can explore quilt shops in the area. : )

Good morning Rene,
It was lovely to see you sitting in my mail box this morning and thank you for your reply.

We have a cono here and have had it for about 15 yrs - I love coming over and definitely the quilt shops are top of the list.

We havent ben to Sebastian, but have travelled in the past quite extensively.

We are very close to the airport (international) off the 436 - south semoran - so, perhaps we could meet up for a coffee or something, or ou could even call in our place for a coffee. I am not re what we are doing on the date you are going to be down here at the airport, but I will keep in touch and let you know as the time goes by. We are going down to Venice not sure of the date yet.

Where is the nearest place to Sebastian, I will look on the map too.

Look forward to hearing from you and oh I am so sorry about the AC - not long to wait for the part.

Bye for now
I'm not as lucky as you. Bet you do miss your room but what a place to be "stuck" for a month! Enjoy and hope you find some other friends near Orlando! Would be fun to meet up with them!


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