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Are you part of a guild? What is your favorite part, and what would you change if you could?

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I do belong to a guild. My favorite part is meeting once a month with quilt friends and show and tell and of course the treats! The part I hate the most is all the bickering that has gone on lately when ONE person took over the quilt show and it's her way or no way. Consequently most members have quit coming. I hope after the show is over, things will get back to 'normal'.
I would not change anything about the guild I am in. We have about 80 members and everyone gets along with each other. I know that may be hard to believe but it's true! I LOVE going and being with other quilter who "get it" when it comes to fabric and quilting. We have 2 quilt retreats each year, we have a quilt bingo every year and our quilt show ever other year along with our raffle quilt.

What is a quilt bingo? That's something I'm not familiar with, at least by that name.

Would love to have a guild where everyone gets along. But I guess they are far and few inbetween, so count yourself among the blessed.
Quilt Bingo or as we call it Quilt-O is played just like bingo. However instead of B1 you would have fat quarter 1, our guild gives away fat quarters to the winner.
Well we have a quilt bingo once a year as a fund raiser for our guild. We rent a hall and sell Tickets. We have food and door prizes. When you get bingo you win a quilt. We make quilted wall hangings. The largest is 36x36. I think last year we sold over 200 tickets. The quilt that shows up with my name is the one I made for this year.


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