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I am a "hand quilter only" and would like to meet others who feel the way I do about this seemingly lost art. I've been quilting for nearly 30 years, and while I love what machine quilting can accomplish, I just am passionate about hand quilting. Call me crazy. I live in rural upstate NY.

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Hi Sharon,
Yes, I still own the treadle but now its just a nice piece of furniture with a nice lamp on top. Its hard to find anyone who still wants to work on them that doesn't charge a whole mountain of money. I went to Jr High School too so I must be one of the old timers too.
To answer your question about lay speaking, I belong to the United Methodist denomination and they have classes (twice a year) for lay speaking. To begin you have to take the Basic Lay Speaking course (makes sense) to receive an official certification from the denomination. After that you are encouraged to continue taking classes to build upon and achieve Advanced Certification status (which is what I am now). I've taken classes on preaching, caregiving, understanding the denominations history, discovering our spiritual gifts, and many more. They're always interesting. And yes, if you wish, it does open many doors for speaking. Right now our church is without a pastor so I am part of a team that has taken over the responsibility of providing worship services for our congregation until a new pastor is assigned here. We don't know how long that will take so we are prepared for the long haul.
I'm really sorry about your voice and not being able to speak. I am also a singer and belong to a group that is well known in our area. We perform Handel's Messiah every Christmas and another classical work in the Spring. I also do solo work and lead our small church choir. Loosing my voice would be quite devastating, as I imagine it is for you. I'll add you to my prayer concerns and hope that Dr's can come up with something to help. In the meantime we know everything happens for a reason. I've learned great lessons on patience over the years in many different areas of my life. I thought by the time I arrived in my 60's I would be finished learning things. Guess not!
My goals for this year are to actually finish something. I am really loving that Southern Star Sampler and working on block 2 this week. I also started a sampler with blocks that were popular in the Civil War era, another sampler that will be finished at Christmas '09 and a king size quilt for my oldest daughter. Of course that's just my current projects. I have several totes of UFO's that I pull out from time to time and work on. This week, in between projects I'm trying to recover from a terrible cold so my head's a bit fuzzy. Take care. Joyce
Joyce and all you hand quilters. I just noticed this discussion and it looks so interesting. I love to hand quilt too, but limit it to very small projects that can be finished quickly...I'm too impatient.

If you want more hand quilters to participate, you might want to consider making a hand quilting "Group". More members will find it there. This discussion is kind of buried deep in a product area that will get missed. Anyone can start a group - go to Groups - Add a group - then just pick your level of privacy and participation. Members start joining very quickly in that area because it's more accessible. There is a discussion forum just like this within a group.

Just a suggestion. If you're comfortable leaving it here, that's fine too.
I new to all this so how do we go about that Karen -- forming a group that is
I'm working on it but for some reason it keeps kicking me out because it wants an image and I don't know how to put one in. Help. Thanks. Joyce
I am new to quilting, but after my first quilt, I think I would like to do hand quilting. I loved sitting and hand sewing the binding on. I didn't think I would, but I did. I don't know where to start though. Is it hard to learn and be good at?
Shannon, if you can thread a needle and make a running stitch, you are on your way to hand quilting. Well, maybe not quite that easy, but it is a start. As with everything it takes practice. Is there a quilt group in your location where someone would be willing to show you how they hand quilt? If not, try the library for there a number of books that show hand quilting. Just remember, dont get overly concerned about stitches per inch, that will come with time.
Shannon, actually you don't even have to be able to thread the needle..... I use needle threaders..... those holes are so elusive. (Chuckle, Chuckle!) The old saying, "Practice makes perfect" is true. Give it a try Shannon, and you will probably love it like the rest of us.
I was not able to get in a group to get me started but there are so many excellent books with large color pictures walking you through step by step. I must admit though it is nice to have someone to quilt with. The fellowship of quilters is as warm and fuzzy as the quilts themselves.
It isn't hard if you actually enjoy sewing by hand. It does take a lot of patience. I recently started using Jean Brown's method which is a economical way to get started. She uses a hoop and thimble and a notion called an aunt betty. She has a video that shows you how on Quilter's TV.
I am unfarmiliar with the Jean Brown method and Quilters TV. I hate to sound stupid but where do you find Quilters TV --
Sharon, back up to about page three of this discussion and you will find the web site under a post by Budsgram.
Hi Vicki,
Glad to meet you and I agree. I love the hand quilting. Am trying to locate one of those Aunt Becky things to see if that's as good as they say. Thanks for sharing your comments. Joyce
They sell them at Connecting Threads.


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