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I am a "hand quilter only" and would like to meet others who feel the way I do about this seemingly lost art. I've been quilting for nearly 30 years, and while I love what machine quilting can accomplish, I just am passionate about hand quilting. Call me crazy. I live in rural upstate NY.

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I just watched the video, and I think that would be the way I want to go. Looks like it would be easy to learn and easy on the body. :)
Hurray! Joyce has made hand quilters an official group! Go to the group page to find it and join in or start discussions. Thank you Joyce for getting us going.
Thanks for all your help and encouragement. This is going to be fun. Joyce
hi everyone, i also quilt by hand, i would not know how to do it any other way. i am also an appliquer ,so i would say 90% of my quilts are done by hand.my sewing machine and i don't get along to well.
Hi Cathy,
I am a great admirer of anyone who who can applique. I hand quilt but I have a really hard time with the needle turn applique, although I'm not giving up. I love the work. Great to hear from you. Joyce
Hey Tansy,
Great to meet another hand quilter. No, you are not crazy as I found out when I joined this group - there are a lot of us out there. There are plenty of things I can think of doing in a hurry but quilting (and sewing) is not one of them. I guess that's why hand quilters are such great folks. Thanks for joining us. Joyce
I too do a lot of hand quilting. The one in may avatar is one that has been entirely done by hand - and I am currently working on a Dear Jane by hand. I have probably made at least 10 quilts in the past few years entirely by hand. It is a lost art.

I have also - reluctently - started doing some of my quilt tops for the grand children. They wash better for everyday use - but the family heirloom quilt requests - including some baby quilts - are still all for handmade ones.

How nice to find a group of people who still do this. No one I know in real life does anymore.
I tried to edit my last post, but it won't allow me to.. I meant to say that I have started doing some quilts just recently for the grand children by machine - with hand quilting once they are pieced. But it is not as much fun, and they certainly do not have the same look.

You are not crazy. They make take longer, but it is just more love that goes into them..
Hi Horsefeathers:
Love the name. Your quilt is a work of art - beautiful. You do lovely work. I agree machine quilting may be okay for the grand kids but not as much fun. And I know that when I make a grandchildren's quilt by hand, it is much more appreciated and cared for. So good to have you join us. Welcome. Joyce
Yippee... it is an offical group.

I started hand quilting over 25 years ago, and love the look it gives to a quilt. Even if I machine piece a few of mine, they are always hand quilted afterwards. Thank you for starting this group.
I love hand quilting. When I first started quilting I didn't even know that there was such a thing as machine quilting. I accidently wandered into a small quilt show and was bitten by the bug. That was about 10 years ago. I really didn't have any idea what I was seeing except that I loved what I saw. I had no idea that the vast majority were machine quilted. I just admired the wonderful even small stiches. I went home and bought a magazine and saw something I liked and did my best to make it. The directions said "quilt as desired", so I did. Ignorence is bliss. I have been blissful ever since.
I too, love to hand quilt. The "stab" method your talking about is what I have to use in a frame or hoop. For me the most relaxing is "rockin and rollin" outside the hoop, a method I have taught at guild and quilt shops. No hoop or frame makes the hand quilting portable and easy to do in tight spaces. Wool, silk and some bamboo's are fabulous for hand quilting. Dream Green is lovely for things to be washed alot.

As for machine quilting? When I need to have something machine quilted, I only contract with machine quilters who will use wool batting and heed my direction to not "back track" stitch to much. Then the machine quilting will be softer. Cotton batting is stiff and takes about 6 washings after finished to reduce the "tent" drape.


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