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anyone have hints for old creaky hands that love to hand quilt
thanks dixie

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Have you tried "Aleve"? It works for a lot of people, but you shouldn't take it if you're on high blood pressure medicine. If you don't want to pop a pill, you might try "Absorbine Veterinary Liniment Gel Topical Analgesic". It has a spearmint scent that goes away fairly fast. True, it is made for horses, but it works on my knees. I got mine at Tractor Supply.
thank u lora it's 8 below now but will go get some as soon as weather clears up will reply again as to how well it works for me maybe they will have a run on the product thanks
I just had to look at this since my hands are old and arthretic. Can't take the Aleve but I'll look for the liniment. I find that once in a while using a needle puller helps . It slows me down, but that's okay, I'm not in a big hurry most of the time.
I am trying to learn a new way to hand quilt. Have you ever heard of the Thimble Lady? She has a hand quilting method that is not stressful to the hands and much faster as well. There is a website for the Thimble Lady which I can't get to right now without losing this post. There are some video clips of her demonstrating her method on YouTube as that is where I learned about her.
thank you got her site learned a lot sure helped only been few weeks but, starting to see improvement thank you friend
Hi Mary, Just wanted to ask you if you could email me Thimble Ladys website. Im arthritic and want to hand quilt a full size quilt. I would appreciate your info.
Thanks and have a great day,
One thing that has helped me is using needlework gloves. They have stretchy fabric that "massages" your hands, sort of like Isotoner gloves. There aren't any fingers in them, so you still have a lot of control in handling your project. They come in sizes small, medium and large (the package has a chart to help you decide which you'll need.) They're washable, and not very expensive. I got mine at Joanne's but you can find them all over the Internet and at a lot of shops that sell quilting/needleworking supplies.
Here's a webpage that will show you what they look like. If you want to get them over the Internet, visit a couple of different websites because you may be able to get them cheaper than at Joann's. http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp?CATID=cat2928&PRODID=prd...
Arthritis strength tylenol.........lasts 8 hours!!!! and of course warmth for those paddies.....take good care
Dixie, Try using warm water therapy. Put your hands in a warm water bath. While you're hands are in there, flex them, move them, stretch your fingers, massage them. After drying them, try using a non-greasy linnament or hand lotion and massage some more. Also after you do some quilting, relax them a little, massage them some more, and don't overdo it the first few days you quilt. Start slowly, and for short times. Gradually lengthen the times, make sure you take breaks to stretch your body, and your hands, rest them, even lying down a little. I love the hand quilting too, and although I don't have problems yet, when I first start the hand quilting process I feel clumsy and keep dropping my needle and such. But I keep at it, and pretty soon, my stitches are smaller, and my hands are used to the work. I use a small quilting needle, which is easier going through the fabric too. Because they are so small, I drop them, so have a magnet near by, and good light. Vicki

Dixie, I know I'm a little late getting to this discussion, but hop on over to the Around the Quilt Frame Handquilter's group and join in there.  Jean Brown's Aunt Becky method is the best I know of for arthritic hands.  There is a video that demostrates her technique.  It takes a little getting used to, especially if, like me, you've been using the traditionally rocking motion to hand quilt. 

If you type in Jean Brown quilting into your internet search engine (like google), lots of videos come up. Here is a link to one.



Hope this helps! 


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